4 items that you can save in winter with climate controlled storage units

Winter days are approaching and it is the right time to start preparing for the temperature drop. While there are a number if things that do not make themselves useful during the colder days of the year, not all of them are at the risk of damage. There are certain items that are at a higher risk of damage and demand extra care during winter. In this article, we will talk about 4 items that you must save from the winter conditions.


The batteries you use are basically an electrical terminal with positive and negative terminals. To work properly, these batteries demand warmer temperature. If batteries are left exposed to the cold conditions, the terminal inside it becomes lethargic and doesn’t work properly. This means that the power between the two terminals doesn’t flow at the desired rate and the batteries become less powerful. With more drop in the temperature, the flow of current between two terminals become very slow to offer desired current. For storing batteries, the optimal temperature should be 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Electronic device:

Cold weather isn’t very friendly for electronic devices. While batteries of these devices fail to work, electronic devices also sustain damages in terms of breakage of internal components, chips, etc. leaving the device unworkable. You must protect your items from the cold and store them in room temperature.

Camera Equipment:

Winter is the time when Mother Nature plays an artists and creates a number of mesmerizing landscapes for you to capture. To make sure you are able to capture the incredibility of the nature, you must keep your camera and gears well preserved. The temperature consistency makes your camera work better. When you are taking pictures of the surroundings from you camera and move to a warmer conditions afterwards, there can be condensation build up in the camera lens and other internal components.

Recreational vehicles:

When parked outside of the garage or the house, you recreational vehicles are prone to damage from the elements. The drop in the temperature can adversely affect the car’s engine, or make the oil thicker and jam several other components, in order to make sure your recreational vehicles are safe and functional during the colder season you must store them in warmer conditions.

Hiring climate controlled unit for winter storage:

If you are concerned about your items and want somewhere safer to store all of them, climate controlled storage units are the best for you. The best storage units near you provide hi-tech climate controlled facilities to store all your items safely during the winter season, these units are befitted with advanced gadgets and technology that control the humidity level as well as maintain room temperature for safe storage of several items. Hire the best storage unit with climate control facility ad make sure you have all the items working properly during the colder days.

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