5 Things To Optimize Your Amazon Product Pages For Conversion

Amazon is one of the leading online marketplaces for selling and consumer shopping. With such a huge trail of product listings and categories, chances of competing for the similar product is more on this platform which makes it necessary for every seller to know every twist and turns of selling tricks on Amazon.

More than 50% of online consumers and buyers head directly towards Amazon instead of Google to buy things and services. Amazon’s search algorithm is brand-agnostic which means that it drives traffic via product listings and not by brands or manufacturers.

In this case, Amazon product listing optimisation becomes important to make the products rank on top of search results. Check out five things to optimize your Amazon product pages for conversion:

Add Long-Tail Keywords

Consumers hunt their product on Amazon in the same way as they search on Google. They don’t search through the categories designated but write the complete search phrase on the search bar. This makes the creation of right product titles an essential part in Amazon product listing optimization. Long tail keywords increase the probability to be shown in search results by including the right, mostly-searched and relevant keywords.

Long tail keywords or phrases makes your product listing stand out among the search results and bring maximum traffic as well. Sellers also opt for Amazon product listing services for better SEO practices.

Use Optimized Product Information

An optimised product page is great for customer search and satisfies Amazon algorithm. To-the-point details and complete information with easily understandable language should be aimed to persuade the customer while addressing their questions and solutions.

Why should the customer buy your product? What makes your product different and better than its complementary?

When writing product details, keep these tips in mind:

  • Focus on the top features of your product
  • Answer – how those features are benefitting the customer
  • Keep the description precise yet complete; ‘bullet’ form is more preferred
  • Wisely utilize keywords and avoid stuffing

Original & Unique Content

Each and every product should have a unique description which will make customers trust in your brand. There are ample issues which are subjected when a seller use non-unique content:

  • Replica contents are not preferred by Google and also not considered as reliable among the customers
  • They are poorly optimized for the search queries
  • They lack basic information and benefits which are required to uplift the value of the product

Thus, in many cases, sellers outsource Amazon product listing services for better content upload and optimisation.

Give Them Solutions

The answer to their question through detailed information on descriptions, specifications, well-uploaded HD images and features. If a seller asks a question regarding the product on Amazon product pages, the seller should answer them without any intended delay.

Optimize Amazon Images

There are strict guidelines for sellers on image uploading on Amazon. They should be strictly followed as they give a massive impact on the conversion rate and bounce rate. The image should be of high-quality measuring 1,000 x 1,000 pixels and allow the consumer to zoom.

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