All About Ashok Leyland Trucks in India

Talking about the leading manufacturer of commercial trucks in India, one brand that owns the name is Ashok Leyland. They are quite popular for producing trucks that are medium and heavy-duty. They are usually famous in the M&HCV segment but these days, they have started to work on LCV trucks as well.

The M&HCV trucks are quite popular because they charge completely low maintenance along with great mileage in the H series engine. In the market, when all brands shifted to use the SCR technology in the BS-IV age in order to be compatible with emission norms, Ashok Leyland resided to using the iEGR technology which did not make hazardous use of the ad blue. Hence, they proved to stand out once again by using a technology that did not intend to cause any harm or misuse.

The well-known trucks in Ashok Leyland are quite a few and they are as follows :

Ashok Leyland 1618, Ashok Leyland 2518, Ashok Leyland 3118 and Ashok Leyland 3718.

However, in the tractor-trailer segment, the Ashok Leyland 4923 and Ashok Leyland 4019 are quite the well-known ones. In the M&HCV sections, under the 2 umbrella brands, Ashok Leyland created the Ashok Leyland U trucks and the Ashok Leyland Captain Series.

These models are available in all GVW nodes and are different in terms of kg cabin design, structure, aesthetics and engine. One new launch in the market is again Ashok Leyland 4123 which is a 41 ton GVW truck with 10×2 axle configuration and 16 wheels.

In the recent few years, Ashok Leyland Trucks in India has started to work with a complete range of vehicles under different umbrella brands even though it has started an initiative to make ICV trucks and LCV trucks. The umbrella brands that it has been working with are Ecomet range, Boss series and the Ashok Leyland Guru.

Under the Boss Range, the models the company has developed are Ashok Leyland Boss 913, Ashok Leyland Boss 1113, Ashok Leyland Boss 1213 and the all-new launch in the market, Ashok Leyland Boss 1413.

In the Ecomet range, the company has developed models like Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1012, Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1212 and the all-new, Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1214 with higher GVW and payload than other competitors.

One of the most prominent designs, the Ashok Leyland Guru 1111 is indeed one of its kind. It has a 3 cylinder engine which brings in high in class mileage in this section.

However, to discuss the LCV section, the company has extended its portfolio under the partner brand name. The trucks under Ashok Leyland usually come in different configurations and setups of 4 wheels and 6 wheels with different GVW points, depending on the requirements of the customers.

Ashok Leyland, the front runner of the Hinduja Group, has earned the Annual Global Conference 2018 in Chennai because of the range and variety of products it has manufactured. The company showcased at about 50 different innovative products at the conference that indeed matched up to the customer expectation and in turn has offered a lot of customer satisfaction as covered by BabaTrucks.

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