Be Aware of the Decline in Libido for Men to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Steroids gained a notorious reputation; they enlarge the heart, change the hormones, and lead to and mood disorders and acne, but people still continued to use it to reap its most positive benefits. It’s advisable that a well-outlined study should focus on both the positive and negative effects of performance-enhancing drugs and come up with a decision why it’s needed.

Changes in mental functions. Steroids are highly famous for its property to play with the brain’s functions. Various inquests have stated a pattern of aggressive behavior and uncommon testosterone levels. Users were found out to indulge in violent acts and steroid use has been used as an excuse. Users of high dosage steroids are experiencing psychopathic tendencies and increased levels of anxiety. Other effects would be depression, lack of sleep, paranoia, and high euphoric tendencies. In addition to that, users are known to have manifested mood swings, but in extreme cases, split personalities were documented. Users likely become more and more reliant on steroids which may result in dangerous addiction.

decline in libido for men

Alters the physical attributes. It’s known to be the causes of the side effects evident on user’s face. Studies show that steroid use results in higher water retention inside the user’s body that caused them to develop found faces with puffy cheeks. Facial hair eruptions in females are also documented. Bad breath is one of the most common side effects. The development of a husky voice in female users are quite ordinary. Acne formation on the face or throughout the body is one of the easily noticeable side effects of performance-enhancing drugs.

Eye and hair damages. Steroids are known to cause eye and hair damages. Corticosteroids are popular to stimulate permanent eye damage on long-term users. Eye infections are documented by users too along with intricate eye conditions that include glaucoma and cataract. Besides, male pattern baldness is documented for both genders. Steroids administer production of DHT or dihydrotestosterone that are responsible for causing hair follicles to deteriorate and shrink dramatically. As the result, the follicles are able to secrete only fine hair. Slowly, with maintained use of steroids, they likely experience permanent hair loss with shrinking follicles.

More cardiac complications. Users should be aware of the complications that long-term use could cause to the heart. It has been noted that users continue to omit this side effect until the serious cardiovascular issue emerges. Performance-enhancing drugs cause heart conditions and it becomes clearer with the steady increase in cumulative cholesterol levels. Cholesterol buildup has been documented on the walls of the blood vessels in steroid users which can result in serious heart strokes. Steroids cause the massive reduction in good cholesterol and dramatic increase in the bad ones. Blood pressure is also known to be common in steroid users and they’re likely to suffer from increased clots in their blood vessels. This will result in the disruption in the blood flow that affects the heart’s muscle and increases the dangers of heart attacks.

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