Blake C. Goldring: – A Well Known Name In The Business Community

Blake C. Goldring is a popular name in the Canada. Blake holds the degree of BA honors in economics from Toronto University and MBA degree from INSEAD in France. He is member of various institutions such as charted financial analyst, member of Toronto society of FA and also associated with the institution of Canadian bankers.  There is much more on the list. Blake has also landed a helping hand to various needy institutions as a philanthropist.  In his career he has bagged many awards and achievements. There is a long list to go along with his name. Blake is quite popular all over because of his businesses and achievements in the business community. He started his career with business degree.


Blake is at present chairman and CEO of AGF Company which is an independent investment firm. It is based in Toronto, but is also active in the countries like Asia, united state and Europe. Blake is globally credited for his wisdom which assisted him in expanding the services offered by AFG. Today all the Canadians are familiar with the AGF and Blake Goldring Toronto both the names.

Achievements of Blake

  • Blake joined the firm in 1987 and since then he now has different roles to play
  • He is an analyst fro AGF’s portfolio in Japanese
  • He assisted in the establishment of the company in Dublin
  • He also served as vice president in AGF’s in eastern Canada
  • Senior vice president of sales & marketing
  • In 1997 he finally archived the title of a president and CO officer of AGF
  • 2000 he became CEO of the company
  • He is a leader in the Canada’s business community
  • Vice chairman and director of investment funds institution Canada

In his direction the company also gained many goals and acquired new business. In his direction company created many assets and recruited top management executives for successful and productivity of the company.

Blake Goldring is a well known name in the Canada’s business community because of his achievements and philanthropists causes.


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