How You Can Maintain Your Display Cases

While it is definitely vital for you to use your display case to boost your sales or to show them off to your friends and family, the fact is that maintaining them and keeping them free from damage and scratches but be much harder than you initially thought. The thing is that if you do not are for your jewelry display case properly then they will end up making your products look ugly instead of enhancing their look.

The First Step Towards Maintenance

You may wonder how do keeping jewelry cases clean help to maintain them also? The fact is that dust and other forms of buildup can actually become coarse or hard enough to cause scratches to your glass when you place your jewelry on them. This is especially true if the is sawdust buildup and the minute you place something heavy on them, you will see the mistake you have done.

Keeping your display case clean needn’t be a very complicated or expensive matter to accomplish simply because it doesn’t take much to keep them clean in the first place. Forget all the fancy items you may think you’ll need to clean your cases clean and just go for the regular soap water and sponge to wash off the grime and build up.


Always Put A Cover to Protect The Surface of Your Glass

Glass is very brittle and thus should be handled with utmost care. Many jewelry display case owners will tell you how they have broken or dented their cases by simply placing heavy items on them but with too much force. A loud bang sound can be heard and by the time you lift the object to see if there was any permanent damage, it would have been too late.

If you intend to place any sharp or heavy objects on your jewelry display case then you should at least place a thick cloth on the surface of the glass to help protect it from abrasive surfaces and to prevent it from denting when you place objects on them.

Abrasive Objects Are Dangerous

So now you think you have protected your jewelry displays entirely but accidents can still happen even when you are placing your items. Sometimes the objects will have sharp or abrasive edges and you may accidentally knock them too hard against the jewelry display case itself. Always be careful when you put these items in to your case if you hope to keep it from harm.

Always exercise utmost caution when handling glass, whether it’s your product or your case as they are simply too easy to break.

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