Cancel the work permit of your maid with the certain documents

The employer must ensure to provide a safe working environment for the maid. The proper medical care should be provided along with the hygienic food to the maid. You should pay the salary to the maid in time without any delay. You should take care of your maid health and also take her to the hospital often for a general check-up. The better insurance coverage can be provided for your Indian maid Singapore for the purpose of hospital expenses. You need to have certain documents if you want to cancel the work permit of your maid. The maid services can be terminated if you just inform by writing a letter to MOM. The deposit of a certain amount should be made by the employer in the work permit department.

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The contract for the maid will usually end in two years. The employer can renew the contract once after he expels the maid. You can prefer to purchase an insurance policy for the maid as it is much cheaper than the security policy. The regular medical checkups are required for the maids with a proper medical examination. The Indian maid Singapore is perfectly fit for the housekeeping if she passes the medical test. You can make use of the search portal if you want to know about the maid agencies in Singapore. The online search portal will provide the services to the maid and the public agencies in Singapore.

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