Cloud Computing Delivering Confidence to Businesses for Prospective Growth

To businesses of 21st century, cloud computing is no more an alien term. Most of the businesses have identified the advantages of having cloud computing integrated in their systems, and prefer to have it as soon as possible. Cloud computing is nothing but running computer applications over the Internet without buying or installing individual server for each. The entire IT operation of a business can be easily run and managed with just one single browser and an Internet connection.  There’s a metamorphic cloud that is being created and all the applications, operating systems, servers and networks reside within it giving the access to the cloud computing vendor for managing.

The CEO, Charles E Phillips Infor knows what it means to lead an organization with more than 8000 employees all over the world. He doesn’t need to manage the business operations only, but also needs to make sure that all the employees are contented and work efficiently. He knows what it means to have an able business software that could mitigate the challenges coming at each and every step. Cloud computing has actually allowed businesses to do away with the conventional methods and come up with innovative techniques that can streamline the processes.


  • The upgrades, maintenance and system administration- all these three have their occurrence in the cloud and are managed completely by the vendor. This allows the business owners and the management team to avoid spending hours supervising the latest versions of upgrades or even if the server has ever failed. Often businesses who have on premise software have been evaluated and it has been seen, that the cost of cloud based software is reduced to almost 50%.
  • Accessibility is a great onus that cloud computing provides to the businesses. The trends of doing business is changing in the 21st Nowadays no more are people restricted to geographical location- they find it easy to carry out the minor task while being on flights or even on their way to office. Cloud computing is an ‘always on’ process allowing the businesses to support their employees and workers from remote sites and locations. Even the highly mobile sales team is being supported since anyone can have access to the cloud from any browser 24X7.
  • While the IT professionals work on building a cloud architecture, they make sure to design from ground up for maximum network performance. Since this remains their priority, they are capable of delivering better application level availability than the conventional solutions provided on premises. Even they are successful to enhance the safety and security of the critical information within the businesses. Often hackers wait for some pit falls where they can find access to the vital information of the business, and hack them for their own use. This is completely restricted by the secured gateway that cloud computing provides to all the businesses.

According to Charles E Phillips Infor, cloud computing enables all the business owners to focus on business rather than the software solutions. There’s no need to use the valuable IT resource for supporting the business, rather they can be used for enhancing it far and wide and look for attracting more prospective business from the market. Confidence is the key of doing business in the market, and cloud computing helps you to grow more confident in the business processes.

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