Consumption Of Animal Fats And Organic Food To Stay Healthy

People these days have become health conscious and quite serious about the kind of food they are taking in and especially the calorie content. It is a known fact that all fats are not bad or unhealthy for the body except the refined fat. One must avoid such fats or things made from the same as well as the processed or tinned food which have been prepared with the help of various chemical processes. Only the unrefined fat is good for the body as a whole and must be consumed without the fear of some health problems in the future. They contain essential nutrients and their use can be increased at all times.

Animal fats are majorly beneficial for the body and hence their intake can be increased as a part of the traditional diet and modern diet must be shunned for all the good reasons. Animal fats are helpful for the body in the following ways:

  • Helps in maintaining the body structure

Animal fats are the source of some very important and much needed nutrients that help the body burn the unnecessary fat and bring it to shape while maintaining the same in the long run. They help reduce the cravings and thus help people to binge eat the food.

  • Helps in keeping the heart healthy

Animal fats generally keep the heart healthy and reduce the cholesterol level. This means fewer chances of heart attacks and other related heart problems. The sugar intake by an individual must be kept in control with the passing age for the betterment of the entire family.

  • Helps in better absorption of the nutrients

Animal fats help the body to absorb the necessary nutrients and thus make it healthy with stronger bones and less chances of bone related problems especially osteoporosis in the later years of life. These nutrients are in no way good sources of calcium but they let the bones absorb the essential nutrients.

Geoffrey Morell believes in raising the cattle in the natural manner without injecting antibiotics and following the vegetarian diet for the healthy heart and much stronger bones. He is the owner of a farm wherein the cattle is cared for in terms of the food given for eating, raw milk and livestock as well as the shelter provided. Thus, in a way the best of the products reach to the customers without a saying including all kinds of dairy products and meat items.

New farmers tend to learn the art of farming with time and experience gained while avoiding some of the common mistakes. These mistakes can be listed as below:

  • Proper importance must be given to the layout of the farm including all parts without leaving any.
  • Farming seems easy but requires some kind of experience for a great field with good crops.
  • Solid transportation plan must be kept handy in order to avoid spoiling the yield and within the budgeted amount.

To end it all, one can say that Geoffrey Morell is of the view that the right kind of animal fat must be brought into use and organically grown crops are the best and must be used as and when possible.


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