Fascinating selfie stick

Many travelers and photographers like to present a beautiful location along with their faces. In olden days if anyone travels alone they used to call the person who is crossing nearby to capture the photo of them. Sometimes they used to struggle for capturing their own picture but after the innovation of smart phone technology selfie is made popular anyone can take their own pictures of awesome poses using the selfie mode. This is achieved by the use of front camera on one’s mobile. While taking selfies one cannot cover a large area, or focus for long shots since they can focus up to their hand length. Many electronic device companies involved in manufacturing a good product that will be best surprise for the selfie lovers. They introduced a monopod known as selfie stick. It is a bluetooth selfie stick which can operate as wireless device to take pictures easily through simple operations. Using the selfie sticks one can take photo in between the populated area or in any festival locations without any disturbance.


Specification of selfie sticks

 These selfie sticks introduced by different companies have different features that are introduced in multiple prices according to the specifications. These sticks are non-breakable designed with a metal body structure that gives an attractive appearance for carrying. It is easy portable with weight less structure. This selfie stick has clamp on one side for holding the stick; in the clamp side it has a button to capture the picture. When you click on that button you will get your picture captured on the phone. On the other side it has a holder to hold your phone firmly, so that you need to fear for falling of your smart phone. This can be used to capture the group selfies which cover for wider area. These sticks come with adjustable size so that you can adjust the size according to the focus length.

It gives a clear picture clarity covering the larger background; you can make different poses by using the selfie sticks. You can purchase these sticks easily through the online; there are wide variety of designs and color available with variable prices. One can purchase that fits with their budget. Many trusted sellers are available in online who sell selfie sticks at correct prices; through simple steps you will get the selfie sticks within few days of order. Select the model and add it to the cart, complete the payment process. You will get the stick you order within 7 days without any damages.

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