Features needed for time clock calculator

It will be more challenging for the business heads to track the working timing of their employees. At times they also get cheated because of the dishonest employees in their concern. In order to get rid of these hassles they are making use of the time clock calculator. Making use of a time tracker will not be a great challenge as there is much software in the online market. But the users must remember that the efficiency of software greatly depends upon the advanced features they possess. Hence the time tracking software which involves the following features should be used for the business needs.

Remote tracking

The business heads cannot be in their office all the time. They may move out for their business needs or they may have some personal responsibilities. At times, their employees may also move out for their official work. In such circumstances, they may find it very hard to track the working time of their employees as they are away from office. By making use of the software with remote tracking, they can lay full stop for this problem. The remote tracking involves GPS system through which the location and timings followed by the employees can be tracked easily through mobile or through any other reliable device.


Overtime settings

Now a day, employees are working overtime in order to support the company’s growth. In such case, it is the responsibility of a company to make note of their overtime. And they must also come forward to make the pay according to the effort initiated by their employee. Hence the software which is used for time tracking should have the overtime settings through which the business heads can get notifications when the employee tend to spend extra time in their office.

Photo capture

This is one of the most advanced features which are highly needed to eliminate fraudulent activities of the employees. This software will capture the image of employee who is entering the time. Thus, one employee cannot make the entry on behalf of another employee in the office. The work hours calculator with this feature will take the photo when the employee enter the concern and also while leaving out. This kind of software will provide a great satisfaction for the business heads as they will have the feel that they are not cheated anywhere.

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