For Learning to Love, How Does Home Church Generates the Right Environment?

Love is the solution to understanding God. In a church, the atmosphere is businesslike, formal, orderly and precise. Loving anyone is an intimidating task particularly when you do not know most individuals. In a home church, you know every person and it is friendly and informal. This is the best atmosphere to practice love.

Love is an act. It is a verb. People have made it a noun and a virtue. Love cannot be appreciated without an act. It is simple to tell someone I love you. That does not require too much work or effort. It only requires boldness and courage to say it. Saying something and doing something are quite diverse. Most individuals will prefer if you do something rather than say it. Words become powerless in love. Love becomes prevailing with action even without words.

God is the best illustration for everyone. God so loved the world, he did not say it. He did it. The Bible declares he sent his only son to die for mankind. That kind of action is what love is. Today love is a word for receiving something. Love in action is giving something that is prized to someone else for the good of another. Westside Family Church reveals God’s love in people’s families, city, community and around the world.

In a home church, one can practice love by doing something for each other. Love is action in doing something for an individual who needs assistance. Remember the Good Samaritan story where the injured man is in need of aid. The religious leaders do not facilitate. They speak about love and sermonize about love but when the time to help comes they run away and shun it. A home church can take the time to exhibit what love is. The Samaritan who did not belong to the people of God, a stranger performs this great love by essentially helping the man. Jesus tells this story to an answer a question about a fellow citizen. Love is hard work and difficult. It mostly takes time and sacrifice.

The home church Westside Family Church Lenexa KS can explicitly teach each other how to give something to each other. And perform it and talk about it and exhibit how to do it. Love is learned by practice. It is not a heart thing like the symbol of the heart. It is a will thing. Many times love is devoid of any feelings and emotion. You make up your mind to do something to assist another and do it.

As you worship, provide, and receive God’s word, God will show you more and more of His willpower. God has principles to live by for singles, parents, married people, children, and relations. God has principles to live by on one’s job if they are the manager or the employee. God has principles for everyone to live by in one’s communities.

God has main beliefs for every area of our lives. To love God means that one will strive to comprehend and obey His will in every area of one’s lives.

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