Get Yourself an Efficient Global Medical Insurance Plan

Insurance companies have a bad name in most households for delayed compensations, a lengthy and frustrated compensation process where most people give up, and many sales agents are liars and are always rushing to get the signature and earn their commission. But there are still good ones that can be trusted like for example Cigna Insurance Company. This company offers clients good products, e.g., a medical insurance plan that covers your hospital and surgical expenses globally.

My personal story

One night I came home from work while I was so worked up. I don’t remember how long I drove or how I even got home but I wasn’t myself at all. On arriving home and I parked our family car in the parking lot, I remained inside the vehicle absent-minded and lost in thoughts. My wife had heard me come back and was waiting for me without manifesting came out. She repeatedly called my cell and knocked my driver’s window, but I heard none of that. In my mind, the questions were what will happen to my friend who had been diagnosed with a heart problem and needed an emergency surgical treatment in India. I looked at how much she had spent on local hospitals, the fundraisers that we as colleagues had conducted alongside her family to raise enough money to foot her hospital bills and we hardly cleared them. Now with this new development what will happen to her!! What will the family sell!! My wife finally managed to open the door and as she started quarreling at me and when she got no response she got concerned.

She held me with love and asked me what was happening to me, was I fired or did we lose someone? I emotionally shared with her the new development in our friend’s health condition, and I asked her, what would have happened if it was us going through the same issue. She held me close, gave me a calm look and told me, and I got us a medical insurance plan that covers your hospital and surgical expenses globally so stop worrying about us. I was shocked, amazed and had a myriad of a million mixed feelings but I was impressed by such a surprise. When I asked her when she intended to inform me about such a fantastic project, she told me this, “It was our 5th Anniversary surprise for you darling.” Now below is what I learnt that night.

Cigna Plus Medical Plan

Cigna insurance company has very incredible medical insurance products for individuals and families. These products offer unique solutions with rich covers that have unmatched highlights in the insurance market. These are lessons from my wife, and as I sit here narrating to you, even if I never get an accident or any member of my family suffers from chronic diseases, I am enjoying some divine peace of mind and heart. In addition to that is unmatched security that I can equal to none other owing to the product owned by my wife on our behalf. Cigna Plus Medical Plan is everything I needed, a friend for life.

Benefits of owning a Cigna Plus Medical Plan

With this plan, the holder is provided with an annual medical treatment expense of up to 1 million HKD from just a few dollars daily remittances. There is also a hospital and surgical benefit of a similar amount. The clients subscribed to this plan can easily supplement their existing medical plans with 1 million HKD annual hospital and surgical benefits. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, the plan offers a variety of deductible choices for an individual to modify their protection plan.

When you get this medical plan, you get as part of the package deductible options varying between 30k HKD to 200k HKD per policy year with a three plan level of admission housing room type. There is a guaranteed renewal yearly on this policy for a lifetime regardless of what the holder claims and health record looks like. Please note that there is no premium amount increase even if there are changes in the holder’s occupation, claims records, health conditions among other things. The plan covers both hospital and surgical expenses globally giving you assured protection anywhere you are or intend to go all the time.

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