Give Complete Safety To Valuables With Wall Mounted Safe!

Keeping valuables at home can be risky and dangerous as well. But keeping them in a safe place will be the most preferential option for this new world. As there are many intruders around to spy and steal things, it becomes necessary to use a wall mounted safe for securing things.

What is a wall-mounted safe?

These safes are made with heavy and strong metals that take a lot of time if tried breaking. Hence these provide great security to any document, jewelry, or heirlooms kept inside it. Also, there are mounted by making a nice hole in the drywall, exactly as the size of the safe. Then the wall mounted safe is adjusted inside of those while bolting the outer sides of it to the wall. After this, the safes are made hidden by putting a mirror, painting, or even a dresser before it. This makes them safe even stronger and safer to secure anything from unknowns.

What are the best wall safes available in the market?

The list of these safes with the benefit they are offering are listed below:

  1. Goldilocks Wally (Wall Mount Safe) – This safe comes with 3 compartments in it. The person needs to have the unique to open it. Not only this, it comes with an inbuilt vibration sensor to make everyone aware if any intruder tries to break the safety.
  2. Iron MS Wall Safe of the brand Globe Safe Company: It comes with Iron metal and a weight of 3-4 kg. This gives a single-door facility and is rectangular.
  3. Steel age Regent 94 Litre Fire and Burglary Resistant Safe – This safe comes with a fire resistance of up to an hour. Along with that, it contains a volume of 94 ltrs. The weight of this safe reaches up to 210 kg, making it heavier to carry easily.

It depends on person to person and their need to install the safe.

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