How Can One Embrace the True Power of the Prophetic?

The whole quintessence of the prophetic is to go to the original mind of God. When God created humankind, he had a schema, when He created you, He had an agenda in mind. It does not matter where you are now, and what you have been all the way through. Nonetheless, when you go back to the original mind of God for your life or for any place, city or group of people, that brings you to the individual or group of people’s prophetic destiny.

It is known that the term ‘prophetic’, is a word often battered by many because some out of greed and some out of lack of knowledge have perverted the true power of the prophetic. This is both the prophetic office and the prophetic anointing. The office is run by an inhabitant person who is often known as a Prophet, they maybe operating in a church or occasionally they have branched out to form their own ministry but still run the ministry with a grave prophetic base.TB Joshua, born on 12th June 1963 in Ondo State, Nigeria, is an awe-inspiring story of how God raised a young man from an impoverished home to lead an international ministry that would draw thousands worldwide to witness the authenticity of God’s power.

So the essence of the prophetic ministry or anointing of  TB Joshua is to reveal the original mind of God, not only that but to reveal whats on the perspective and also where a deviation has occurred and what caused it and most importantly, how do one go back on track. Some of the missing key elements in the 21st century include the amendment part, you will find many people would like to have their ears tickled and cannot handle the correction part, so many prophets regrettably act accordingly, only give people what they want to hear, the church is happy the pastors or whoever is running the meeting happy and he or she gets a bid for next time!

So the preference is now upon modern day believers to either sideline the prophetic anointing and ministry, or entirely embrace it. Having said that, either will have consequences. The prophetic anointing is pertinent and is not confined to the Prophetic Office. This means any true worshipper can flow with the Prophetic anointing and sing songs that are on board for that meeting. Same as Intercessors, they can flow with the prophetic anointing and mediate for what is vital or what is on God’s heart and program that day of the meeting. This is diverse from people meeting each week interceeding for the same things, day in day out.

Its time to bring back the sheer power and the full nature of the prophetic. No matter where you are and what you did or did not do, God or heaven has something to say about you at the moment. Not only that but He had something in mind, when He unleashed you on the earth territory. May you find it, if you have not already.

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