How to get more loot

Clash of clans are being the most interesting game among the teenagers. It’s being a spreading anxiety among youngsters to play and win this game. This game is in market for last two years and in this game is available only in two platform android and apple and this game is launched by supercells. Every gamer should wisely build his clan and also above that they must be careful enough to prevent their clans from various attacking strategy. The gamer must be aware of the new evolving strategy to protect his clan and should invade the other clans. The main resource of the game is gold and elixir and it is highly preferred to protect the gold and elixir storage from enemy invasions. One more rare resource present in this game is dark elixir and farming dark elixir is very difficult so it is highly advised to protect your dark elixir storage and dark elixir drills. Dark elixir is used to build the dark troops and hero troops like king and queen, and to level up the king and queen also you need dark elixir. There are two different types of strategies available first one is save the resources of the game called farming strategy and second one is called as defensive strategy. In the farming strategy player should safe guard their resources from enemy attack effectively and resource storage, resource generator is centralized in this strategy so that during enemy attack all the resources can be protected.


Farming strategy

Wall is mainly used to protect your village from enemy attack, so it is advised to level up your walls so that enemies can’t breach your wall easily. To build and to level up your wall you need gold resource once your wall reaches level 6-7 then it will be sufficient. Several traps available in this game like bombs and wizard towers. These traps should be kept near the vulnerable place in your village so that it will help you to kill the enemy troop in huge number. People who got android or apple mobile phones, please try this game, it will be really interesting and it will be really addictive too. Once you are part of a clan then it is advised to get troops from your clan and it will provide real defense to your village. Clash of Clans farming strategy available in online, please copy and use it for your village.

Spell Factory

There are more number of spells available and you can create your own spells using spell factory. These spells can be used during the wars and during the raids, mainly people will prefer healing spell which is used to heal the troops during war. If you want your spell to last for long time then it is advised to level up your spell using laboratory but it cost more amount of elixir. If you are going for attack you should prefer any of this strategy Barbarian king, super archer queen, dragon attack, farm loot, hour without losing gem, barchloon strategy and golaloon strategy.

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