How to get your perfect fake tan, and choose the right method for you

There are so many tanning products, methods of getting your tan and advice on the best product to use that it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one will work best for you. We are all unique and have our own reasons for wanting that beautiful, bronzed look. So where do you start? Factors such as time, budget, skin type and convenience should all be considered but don’t let all that decision making put you off taking the plunge – achieving a healthy glow is easy. You just need to do your research.


This is the professional option if you have a slightly bigger budget and want the peace of mind of knowing that the person applying your tan is an expert in their field. The spray technician will carefully apply your chosen tan all over your body using professional equipment. You can also specify which areas of your body on which you would prefer to have more, or less, tan. A popular choice is a focus on shoulders and neck area as these are the places that would naturally catch the sun. Be sure to wear loose fitting clothing afterwards and prepare to go topless during the spray tan itself. No need for modesty – the tanning technician will have seen it all before!

DIY Tanning Lotions

Using self-tan lotion at home is an affordable option and generally gives good results. The active ingredient in these self-tan lotions is DHA which works by darkening the upper layer of your skin, resulting in a sun kissed glow which has nothing to do with the sun – and is much, much safer than the real thing. Once you’ve applied the product to clean skin free of lotions, perfumes and jewellery, you will start to notice a change in your skin tone after around 3 hours. Use a tanning mitt and a full length mirror to ensure even results. Be sure to avoid bathing or showering until the next day, ideally, and expect your tan to last around one week.


This is the ultimate, no commitment option for anyone who just wants to see if the tanned look is for them. Bronzers come in a variety of forms including powders, sprays, gels and sticks and generally only last for a day or two and can be washed off when you like. All are applied directly to the skin, with bronzing powders usually coming in the form of makeup, so you apply them to your face.  This type of self-tanning method is easy, quick and cheap and the best way of achieving a short term tan for a day or evening. Choose which product you use carefully as some are easier to use than others, gels for example can be difficult to worth with as they tend to have a thick consistency making them more difficult to blend. But if you want a hassle free, commitment free option, then bronzers will fit the bill.

These are the three main options on offer when it comes to tanning, so whether you want a professional to do the job for you, or you’ve got the confidence to tan at home yourself with a lotion or bronzer, all of them are guaranteed to give you that summer glow year round.

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