How To Make Handmade Beeswax Candles Andover Nj

There are few things which still have value and are used so much extent even after centuries have passed and there are better technological alternatives like electrical appliances, and one of those things is the candle. The candle is in use these days too at various places, at various occasions and in the countryside or in remote areas. With time candles are also changes in terms of materials, shape, sizes, color, from natural wax to synthetic paraffin, from handmade to make in machines and each type of candle has specific uses, with its own pros and cons.

Handmade versus mass-produced candles

Mass-produced or store-bought candles are common in use than handmade nowadays but it doesn’t mean they are any good than the handmade ones. Mass-produced candles are made somewhere far in the factories by people whose main aim and first priority point is business. They use any synthetic material whether extracted from raw petroleum goods or using some synthetic chemicals which are somewhat harmful in a sense, while this is not the case with handmade ones. Handmade candles are produced by waxes made by natural resources like beeswax or soy and emit less carbon and are safe to use. In between beeswax and soy, beeswax candle is considered better. For handmade beeswax candles, Andover NJ like cities is well popular because they have hundreds of bees’ colonies and thousands of farmers working to extract safe and natural beeswax.

handmade beeswax candles andover njBeeswax or Soy-wax or Paraffin, which handmade candles are better

Paraffin is the most used wax for making candles these days but it is really difficult and complex to make paraffin at home. Mostly it is used by companies because it is synthetic and created by chemicals extracted from petroleum muck and is toxic in nature. If using regular, works as a slow poison. Soy-wax candles are made from soy but it has paraffin too so it is a better option in comparison to paraffin but being a hybrid it’s little toxic too. As being the oldest, the beeswax is a non-toxic, completely natural wax produced from bees. Unlike paraffin, these candles have their own aroma, and also helps in maintaining the ecosystem because bees are feed and nurtured too in process and it’s easier to make candles from beeswax which have relaxation effects and complete burning makes this candle eco-friendly. For natural handmade beeswax candles andover nj and Headley work as production hub so that people can make and use harmless, eco-friendly candles.

Hence handmade candles made by beeswax are the safest candles and are easy to make and color, environment-friendly with a natural relaxing aroma and these candles should be preferred over a synthetic one.

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