How To Stay Compliant Whilst Working From Home

Working from home comes with its own advantages and disadvantages concerning employers as well as employees. Especially, amid the Corona outbreak across the world, many companies are adopting temporary work from home conditions bearing in mind the risks associated with the pandemic. As apart from other issues, compliance with data protection remains a grave concern out of other challenges. Here below, you can find a guide that can help both companies & their employees to stay compliant whilst working from home.

Compliance with data protection

Although remote working is not new in the field, the risks posed from data security seems to be adding up daily. On personal devices, or working on different places, employees may or not follow safe practices including use of random thumb drives, using public-wifi, working in a crowded and open space, leaving laptops unattended etc. Companies should make sure that their employees are accessing a secure network connection while working or using a VPN and make them educated with safe working observations. Further, it is always advisable to aptly safeguard the access to company’s information and working platform through firewalls, encryption and passwords.

Managing timely working hours and pays

Working from another space than your office means working in your space individually. Although there will be rules and possible telecommuting but these will not be direct as it works in an office environment. Employers can regulate creative measures to record the work timings of their workforce through an electronic system and properly supervising their work. Along with the timely work, companies must also rule out timely pays to maintain their employee’s productivity and motivation.

Focusing on employees’ accessibility and their responsiveness

By working from their own space, employees can have freedom to work according to their liking and with supposed breaks. However, it remains very vital to maintain the time, work according to the certain instructions and properly finish work on time. These instructions should be carried out well both from the supervisors and the workers. Both are required to be more reliable terms of their reach and responsiveness.

Safeguarding company’s property

Many companies provide their own equipment like mechanical devices for their workers to work on while doing work from home. In such cases, it becomes crucial to generate guidelines about the potential charges or consequences one has to go through in case of any harm or theft of company’s equipment.

To conclude, companies should keep updating their employees with upcoming changes in their policies or work rules accordingly. Also, to stay in contact with them they can arrange conversational workshops and video meetings.


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