Know Specialty of PVC Clothing

PVC dressings like PVC raincoat is mostly used as uniform in numerous engineering colleges, medical colleges, and mechanical colleges as well several industrial jobs. Most outdoor staff uniform uses PVC fabrics as an essential dress for wearing in tropical regions. Using PVC coats is essential to wear at time of raining. PVC rain coats are one the important uniform used for outdoor jobs and industrial jobs for getting prevention of clothes inside. Outside its industrial use, it is also used by person for personal usage like to wear at time of leaving office or walking in rain.


What Is Special About PVC Clothes?

PVC clothes are one of the plastic materials that uses polyvinyl chloride as it component materials. It is shiny materials and has its shine equally comparable to leather materials. These plastic coated materials have polyester fabrics which have its surface havening shiny coating. Fabrics have plastic fibers which has special coating of shiny plastic at its surface.

There is great blend of PVC plastic and polyurethane inside plastic layer which has hundred percent PVC in actual case that give rise to glossy shines. There is mentioned actual composition for PVC fabrics by manufacturing label which has sixty seven percent polyester, thirty three percent of polyurethane, eight percent of polyvinyl chloride, twenty percent of polyurethane. Several color options available for PVC are black, red, white, blue, orange, pink, silver etc. Black or red colors are two most common colors used for manufacturing fabrics.

Care Required for PVC Clothing Materials

PVC clothes need some additional care to keep this material for long lasting and have these materials workable for longer duration. PVC clothes have fabrics which have covering of plastic layer. Thus it is required not to overstretch the PVC clothes for preventing further damage. Having excessive stretches for clothing can make the plastic layer to get lose and also there is some loss caused to shine of clothes.

It is essential warning from side of PVC manufacturers to wash clothes with help of warm water taking little amount of detergent. Use of washing powder can have chances of remaining flakes on clothes which are quite dirty in themselves. Detergent can be removed with help of cold water leaving the washed clothes to dry extremely in shade to prevent plastic to melt in sun heat. It is said to avoid ironing on PVC clothes to prevent them from getting melted in heat.

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