Learn how to apply for BR1M scheme

BR1M is one of the most effective schemes offered by the Malaysian Government in order to develop the standard of life of the people in the country. People who apply for this scheme can get financial support from the government side. Actually this scheme is not for all the people in the country but only for the people who are with the poor economical background. For example, the families which are having income in the range of RM 3,000 and RM 4,000 can apply for this scheme. Similarly the singles who are 21 years old and the people who are aged can also apply for this program and get the financial support from the government.

The families which have been applied for this scheme before does not have to apply every time. Generally the scheme and the offers included in the scheme will be upgraded every year therefore people may have the doubt whether they have to apply for the benefit every year. Actually it is not necessary but people who want to change certain information in their previous application can approach the officials and do it. Those who do not have time to visit the office can simply go online and apply for it.


People are able to apply for the br1m 2017 scheme in two different ways. They can either apply for it in offline by filling and submitting the application in the respective location or they can easily apply for it through online. There is an official site for this purpose therefore individuals can simply visit that site and apply for it. Once they apply for this scheme, they must often update the application in case of any changes in the personal details which they have given in the application. Some of the people will not have any idea about how to apply for it. However, it does not matter and they do not have to worry about that.

It is because the official online site itself having guidelines to apply for this scheme therefore the individuals can simply go through those details and get to know about them. It will be very easy for the individuals and hence they are able to apply in a hassle free manner. People who want to apply in the offline method can visit the areas such as Information department (KKMM), Social Welfare Department (JKM), Government Development Department of your state (ICU). They can submit the application in any of these areas.

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