What Makes Whitetail Ridge Outfitters Most Preferred to Hunters

When it comes to hunting, Iowa in United States is considered amongst the World Class ones and no wonder, for seasoned hunters this is the most chosen state for its active high quality monster bucks. If you’re one of the hunting enthusiasts like to boast your mastery in hunting with astonishing Trophy Whitetail, then for you Tinton, Iowa based Whitetail Ridge Outfitters can be a beyond compare choice.

Having been in the industry since 2007, the company offers most excellent hunting experience to thousands of hunting lovers every year in its great hunting grounds located in Iowa and Missouri. Unlike the large camps with numbers of other hunters, when with Whitetail Ridge community, you can expect your extremely personalized small camps backed by 100% friendly environment, best care and immense management.

Whitetail Ridge Outfitters is equipped with high quality well maintained hunting grounds measuring over 10000 acres in Eastern and Southern Iowa and 2500 + acres in Missouri. Both properties include hardwood timber plants, corn fields, CRP grass lands, crop fields, organic vegetation and numbers of food plots. In order to offer hunters the rare opportunity to hunt 100% energetic deer, giant bucks and turkey it maintains natural habitat, quality genetics as well, continuous supervision with immense administrative policies.


When you go for a fully guided hunting scheme with Whitetail Ridge folks, apart from your homely camp, you will be entertained with quality linens for comfortable stay, continental breakfast, snack-lunch and a great hot dinner.  You will be assisted with expert guides in the entire hunting session and in tracking your trophy, set for the skull and gutting. Bucks taken should be minimum 140 inch while some of its farms are also having giant size bucks with 150” trophy. In some properties known Big Bucks, you can find Boone as well as Crockett group of bucks too.

Well, for the experienced hunters, desirous to enjoy a semi guided or completely DIY, do it yourself hunting experience, the community offers immense scope. With this, you will be allowed to hunt in any ground as per your choice for 5-7 days. For seasoned hunters this is a fantastic opportunity to back home with a Monster Buck based on special terms. No matter, whatever is your group size, it has properties in different places designed to house large group also.

Most importantly, in order to help you benefit from virtually a fresh hunting compound, the farm you choose will not be stressed for a few days before you visit. Those who like to avail DIY or SG hunting process, should note that the scheme don’t include lodging, meals or any kind of guide. All properties are having local camping spots, restaurants; motels while small cabins can also be rented and these are all accessible with driving zone. This kind of hunting facility offered by Whitetail Ridge Outfitters can be attained throughout archery season; however, the arrangement or provision is limited. Both in Missouri and Iowa you can undergo DIY hunting session. Advance deposit is a requisite for booking a spot. Cancellation facility is available. For more details kindly consult the company website.

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