Meet Joshua Hunt – A Pro-racer And Proud Cyclist

Cycle, one of the most successful and useful two-wheeler vehicles dates back to nineteenth century. What followed was its various modifications, to make it more comfortable and stylish. There are several types of bicycles to suit different purposes, be it downhill bikes, racing bicycles, touring bicycles or comfort bicycles. These vehicles come in a range of prices, from affordable to expensive ones. However, they are cheaper as compared to fuel consuming vehicles and have low maintenance cost.


  • There is no age bar when it comes to using bicycles, and there is no need of any license for their use. Joshua Hunt started cycling at the age of 16, late as compared to normal kids and teenagers, but now his love for cycling has made him a cycle racer.
  • Use bicycle in your daily journeys, whether you are going to school or market. The fuel prices have shoot up and the more the number of cars would mean the rise in expenditure. Using bicycle facilitates you to beat the traffic, reach your school or work places on time plus saves the money.
  • Be more ecofriendly, ride a cycle instead of vehicles that emit harmful greenhouse gases. These gases are the major cause of global warming. People in their daily life face some other effects of these gases. The pollution gives birth to various diseases. Do not deplete your health and life, since your luxurious rides may be killing you slowly day by day.
  • Besides controlling the pollution, riding a bicycle also keeps you physically fit, and makes the heart stronger. There is no need of gym after riding this nature friendly vehicle for an hour. It strengthens the muscles; the heart delivers more oxygen-filled blood with every beat thereby boosting you up with more energy. Therefore, using the cycles means improving the lifestyle, while contributing to the welfare of the world in your own little way.
  • The best part about riding a cycle is that unlike cars it takes minimal space for parking. It can be parked anywhere with ease and you might not have to pay for the spot also.
  • Above all, cycling is a fun sport. Every kid does own one cycle of which he/she is proud. They like to flaunt their style and stunts, and most importantly, they enjoy riding it. This fun is not limited to kids; even adults ride these bikes, be it a ride to explore a cityscape or a mountain ride to breath in the delight of natural landscapes.

Cycling as an Olympic sport is becoming popular. Numerous countries enthusiastically take part in cycle racing; these include Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Other countries of international levels are Australia, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Cyclists of all age are promoting this sport, whether they are professional riders, commuters, or fitness enthusiasts. Joshua Hunt is a pro cyclist, he raced in Belgium, France, UK youth, and is ready for NFTO. There are countless aspirants like him, who believe cycling is more than a sport, it is a part of the lifestyle.

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