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Galaxy S8 display suffers shortfalls but Galaxy S9 will be unbeatable

More recently, the widely accepted format for the display is 16: 9, but then LG introduced the G6 smartphone with an aspect ratio of 18: 9. Samsung did not remain on the sidelines and is now released 18.5 9. Galaxy S8 and S9 will have a display in this ratio – 18.5:9.

Display: Samsung Galaxy S8 provides sufficient brightness and good color rendering, it is certified HDR. In contrary, Galaxy S9 will also have brightness, HDR, and Dual LED Flash HDR.

Samsung has not only introduced the contrast display with excellent color reproduction but also added a high dynamic range. The smartphone has certified Mobile HDR Premium, which indicates the ability to play the appropriate content. But here lies the problem: as long as any Netflix, or Amazon to no compatible content, although both streaming service for a long time point HDR support. Also, relevant YouTube videos on Galaxy S8 are not supported. This problem can be fixed when upcoming Galaxy S9 hit the market, next year.

Brightness: We have measured the brightness of the display. In manual mode, we got the maximum brightness of 358 cd / m² – but only when the slider has been moved into the red zone, and the smartphone has issued a warning. In upcoming Galaxy S9, we will have a maximum brightness of higher range than S8 have right now without any particular condition. In the case of the automatic brightness control in S8, we received 538 cd / m² on a completely white screen for a short time. The value can be even greater if the white areas do not occupy the entire screen. This problem will not appear in Galaxy S9 as the brightness will remain for a longer time, unlike S8. If you believe Display Mate, possible brightness levels above 1,000 cd / m². However, for the Mobile HDR Premium, this brightness is not required. For certification of the display, should indicate the brightness of 550 cd / m² and a 90% color gamut DCI-P3.

Programs may not work correctly in full screen mode:

If you want to enjoy the full resolution of the display, it must be installed separately. Galaxy S8 nominally operates with a resolution of only FHD + or 2,220 x 1,080 pixels. Galaxy S9, in turn, operates with a higher resolution of UHD +2560×1440. In addition, you can specify the font scaling in S8. You can also specify which applications will be performed in full-screen mode. Only these applications will get full screen, all the others will be displayed in 16: 9 formats. Galaxy S9, hopefully, will overcome these faults appeared in the display of S8 and will launch next year. Conveniently, the optimized program marked the submenu. Samsung warns that other programs may not work correctly in full-screen mode.

Most movies and TV shows today are shot in 16: 9 formats, which result in black bands on the right and left of the 18.5 panel 9. Although Samsung promises that the relatively long display allows less scrolling page in the browser, and the company is tricky. Samsung Galaxy S9 expected to get rid of this problem. Display in Galaxy S8 longer than the competition ratio of 16: 9 with the same diagonal, so the content is smaller than without scaling on web pages. Except on sites with responsive design, this problem is not observed.