Ramble Through The Land Of The Lord Of The Universe- Puri

One of the Char Dham of India, Puri is a must-visit place for Hindus and travel fanatics. The Mahodadhi, Mahaprasad and the Maha Kitchen, everything is grand in Puri. This article discloses some little-known things of Puri.

Puri is all famous for its Rath Yatra and ravishing sea beaches, but it has a bag full of delight for the travellers as well. Being one of the Char Dham, Puri is a busy city. It is a bear-shaped littoral city facing the Bay of Bengal.

Patitapaban, the sacred flag atop the Puri Jagannath Temple, welcomes all the pilgrims and general tourists to the land of the Lord of the Universe. The Bada Danda road which leads to the temple provides a majestic view of the temple and its surrounding. Most of the people consider visiting Puri during Rath Yatra as sacred but if you are here as a traveller it is better you visit other time of the year to unwind and explore the city and understand its importance in Hindu religion. Danda road is the path to Nirvana, where the chariots of the three main deities Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra roll down during annual Rath Yatra festival. The old lanes beside the temple area are enchanting and retains a spiritual essence throughout the year. The locals call the sea Mahodadhi and the bhog as Mahaprasad.


Once upon a time Puri was a thickly wooded hilly region and the deity was secretly worshipped as Nila Madhava by the Sabara tribal chief. Wrapped in a long mythological tale, the wooden structure which we now see is an unfinished idol of Jagannath. After many years, there was a renovation ceremony when the three idols were remade with neem logs. After every 19 years, the deities are replaced and the ceremony is known as Nabakalebara. Last time it was held in the year 1996 and after that this year in June.

The resorts and hotels in Puri are situated in the middle of the city. The Jagannath Temple is at the end of Bada Danda road and it is the setting of the world famous Rath Yatra. Gundicha Temple is an important place where the Rath Yatra takes a halt every year. This path divides the town. The look here is different with huge old dharamshalas and new malls on both the sides of the road. Puri railway station is roughly 2 km north-west of the temple. The main bus stand is also nearby. In the temple vicinity to the right is the Anand Bazaar where you will get food prepared at the temple Kitchen. Autos are frequently available and cycle rickshaw are still the popular mode. However, now bikes and scooters are available for hire along with the bicycle.

The tourist office has a good map of Puri with the addresses of maths in the city. You can also buy a travel map from the local souvenir shops. Puri is not a place to get out in a day. It has many attractions. Besides, Jagannath Temple, Gundicha Temple, Mausi ma Temple, Narendra Tank, Loknath Temple, Puri beach, Chilka Lake are some of the must-visit places.

Puri is now bestowed with all modern amenities. The local transport has also developed. There are several hotels for different budget travellers. You can check cheap hotels in Puri for more information on hotels booking.

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