Reason As To Why Football Lineman Drills Are So Significant?

Offensive as well as defensive linemen are much undervalued. They seldom get any of the praise they be worthy of mainly offensive linemen. Yet how good the linemen play frequently help the game. That is why it is significant for each lineman to play well.

Duval Love Rams is the former National Football League (NFL) Offensive Lineman who states that there are separate drills for a defensive lineman and an offensive lineman. This is for the reason that a defensive lineman always needs to move frontward on a play while an offensive lineman might need to and block a defender in case of running plays, , or they need to fall behind in order to defend the quarterback in case of passing plays. Duval Love Steelers has played professionally for the Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Los Angeles Rams.

There are five lineman on offense beginning with the center who stands in front of the Quarterback and is responsible for giving him the ball. There will be a guard to the left and right of the center, and then an offensive tackle alongside every guard. Duval says that without any protection, the offense is not going to have much success scoring any points.

Even though Duval has played for Rams, he has been an admirer of Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings. He used to love their technique for the offensive line. Duval Love Rams says that what he is today is all because of his dad as he has been the most significant person in his life. Both his parents supported him and this has helped him to make it big. Duval Love played prep football in Fountain Valley High School and college football at UCLA. And like any other American, he has the dream of changing his school football career to the professional league.


In the year 1985 Duval Love Steelers joined the National Football League after being selected by the Los Angeles Rams as a tenth round draft choice. He played the sport perfectly. He says that one of the most magnificent moments in the league was seeing his name on the locker just next to the renowned National Football League offensive tackle Jackie Slater.

In a recent interview Duval stated that Steelers is his favorite team since he has played for them and Bill Cowher is his favorite coach since, it is he who taught Duval about the intricacies of the game. At present Duval Love wants to be an assistant coach in the NFL so that he can help the aspiring kids to become a professional footballer. Besides his love for football, he has a fetish for basketball and in fact he is a huge fan of Lakers and Shaquille O’Neal.

Duval says there are certain football lineman drills that can be used for both defensive lineman and offensive lineman such as the combine agility drill and tennis ball drill. Thus, learning football lineman drills are very significant.

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