The Most Respected Crew Member of an Aircraft

A flight engineer is considered as the most respected crew member of any aircraft as he or she is responsible to ensure that all parts of the airplane are in perfect working condition. If any mechanical problem arises in the airplane, it is their responsibility to make sure that the repairing has been done. In addition, the flight engineer also helps the pilot with navigation and understands complex flight-related devices and tools. Flight engineers are too referred to as second officers, who play almost a significant role in flying big airplane as done by pilots as well as copilots. Even though they hardly ever take the authority to fly planes, flight engineers have other accountabilities both on the onboard and ground aircraft.

Richard Bucklew has been working as a flight engineer on Boeing DC-10s and 727s. As a flight engineer, Mr. Bucklew used to check the plane over before take-off to ensure that it is safe to fly. This could involve testing no leaking of fluids and that the tires are inflated in the appropriate way. He knows how to control the vital equipment such as the main electrical system, the engine power and the air conditioning. Apart from these, as a flight engineer Richard used to check the weather patterns and submits the flight reports as these shows what went well for each flight.

French coalition 'Les Pistards,' or ground crew, marshall in a C-135FR refueler at Manas Air Base, Kyrgyzstan. The Flight Refueling Group 93 "Bretagne" refuels coalition aircraft taking part in Operation Enduring Freedom including F-18 Hornets, A-10/OA-10 Thunderbolt IIs and F-16 Fighting Falcons. (U.S. Air Force photo/Master Sgt. Daniel Nathaniel)

Flight engineers also work in military and large aircrafts. This is for the reason that unlike commercial airlines, military aircraft uses the latest technology to function under diverse systems, and are at greater risk of violence or mechanical glitches. Some nations also have laws necessitating all three and four engine aircrafts to transport a licensed flight engineer. As soon as the plane is flying, the flight engineer continually observers all of the computer systems and checks for any irregularities.  Once the flight has been completed they do a detailed inspection of the plane and ensure that all components are operating correctly.

Apart from being a flight engineer, Richard Bucklew has been working as a captain on the Airbus A320 and A319. He has also worked as a captain on Boeing 737-200 and as a First Officer on DC-10 as well as a Flight instructor in two renowned aircraft schools. By working as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer he has been accountable for protecting the cockpit of the aircraft in flight from extremist events or a rupture of the cockpit. His proficiency and knack helped him to turn out to be a part of the 12th Special Forces Group and the 1st Special Warfare Group SEAL Team. His amazing skills in piloting, civil aviation, aviation security, security clearance, crew resource management, aircraft maintenance has made him a well-known pilot across the United States.

Thus, to summarize it can be said that in order to become a flight engineer like Richard Bucklew one should have the responsibility for observing and regulating various aircraft systems, including rotary wing (helicopters), fixed-wing (airplanes) as well as space flight (ISS).

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