Role of HCG products in weight loss

HCG diet is one of the methods followed by people to lose weight. This diet method combines few calorie intake and usage of prescription drug named human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG. The low calorie diet can restrict the intake of calorie to 500 and 800. The calorie restriction can lead to weight loss in a short term. However, it HCG products are not clinically proved as weight reducing agent; it cannot increase the weight loss beyond caused by low calorie intake. People can find several products available on the market in the name of HCG products, HCG solutions and drops. They are hcg diet drops containing pure HCG hormone that results in weight loss during pregnancy in women.

Safety and side effects of HCG diet

Since the HCG products can restrict the intake of calorie to a greater extent, the diet must be used by people under close medical direction. People who follow weight loss program with this type of products should pay close attention in order to make sure they have been taking adequate nutrients that are essential for good health. A very low calorie diet can lead to short term and quick weight loss. A rapid weight loss may increase the probability of developing stones in the gall bladder of users. Some of the side effects experienced by users of these HCG diet products are irritability, fatigue, headache, depression, fluid retention and restlessness. Some other side effects reported by users include break of ovarian cysts, enlargement of ovarian cysts, testicular tumours, blood clots and many more. Breast feeding and pregnant women should not use this kind of weight loss products as they can lead to birth defects. Men with prostate cancer should not take this drug as it can make the problem worse.


How to buy the best HCG product

People may feel confused in what to choose from the huge availability of HCG products on the market. There are some factors they can use to buy the best product. First buyers have to ensure if the product is manufactured from a lab approved by food and drug administration. Next factor you should check is if the product comes with a money back guarantee. Finally the product should be 100 percent pharmaceutical HCG. They can check out the reviews of several HCG products at review websites to make comparisons between products and make a wise decision in choosing the right diet product.

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