The fear of flying, and how to fight!

It is an evil Feeling more than we think. And a real problem for those who love travel! Of course, there are other modes of transport greener and more. But still, the plane is hardly inevitable for most of us.

I met Romain on the web. This steward of Air France agreed to answer a few questions about the fear of flying: where it comes from, how to manage it, the remedies against the fear of flying etc.

Romain Hello, could you introduce yourself?

Hello, so I’m Roman. I’m 35 and I’m steward for Air France for 6 years. After 2 years on Medium haul (flight France and Europe), I fly for 4 years on long-haul where I rotates about 5 continents. Me here already with several thousand flight hours …

Are there a lot of passengers who are afraid of flying? Do you have a figure?

Considering that approximately 60% of passengers are not at ease at a time when another flight. This does not mean that 60% of our customers have a panic fear of flying! Between takeoff turbulence and landing, it is the figure that we announce. And are not those who seem more comfortable with the least fear during the flight!

60% of passengers are not comfortable in plane! A real fear of flying. All the same! I did not think that the figure was as high! Where does this fear of actually air?


We are not connected to the ground when we fly … you noticed! A trip by train, car where even boat connect us with elements that allow us unconsciously to have a role in case of accident.

Now, in a plane, the passenger does not have mastery. It is “led” by a technical crew, advised or assisted in case of trouble by a commercial crew, but suffers the flight. Everything is finally imposed: the departure time, meal time, weather … Even for the greatest travelers, this may generate some concern.

The fear also is that during a severe accident, there is often no survivors.

However, it is relative. .. An accident where 100 people unfortunately die, it is 10 days killed on French roads.

– How he manages onboard staff them?

First, we distinguish those who arrive for boarding and tell us frankly: “I have fear of flying”! .those who hide their apprehension We particularly appreciate the passengers who verbalize because they are aware of this anxiety and it is easier to ‘deal’. We always take the time to ask what is the precise point that triggers the anxiety: sounds, smells, takeoff, turbulence etcand we answer their questions .Why such noise, why the plane moves, what is the meaning of an advertisement etc …

We are also supported by the pilots. When time permits, we try to arrange a meeting during the flight. I can assure you that a passenger who met a driver is often much less anxious about flying.

For all others who do not speak, it is the staff to detect those passengers. This is important because one customer who has a panic attack can generate fear among hundreds of others. We look, during takeoff, the cabin, we cross looks, detect attitudes, and again, the mere consideration of these postures with a “how are you? “Is usually enough to reassure the passenger, because he knows he is taken into account.

– It is true that talk to the driver to humanize the flight. And reassurance. Are there has remedies, methods to combat this fear of flying?


There are do’s and don’ts.

Travel must be a good time. This requires, be comfortable, so travel with rather loose, comfortable clothing. It is not for nothing that we systematically undoes the tie or blouse too tight of a person who is not feeling well.

Try to normally rest before the flight and especially, say from boarding, which is a little anxious at the thought of getting on a plane.

To be avoided: alcohol before and during the flight . The effects are magnified and calm in no fears, quite the contrary. Drinking one liter of water per 5 flight hours.

Feel free to move around the cabin! This will compensate for the dryness of the air in the cabin and allow the body to rest comfortably. Dehydration contributes greatly to the feeling of malaise. Saves sure the humidity of the air in a desert (20%) is higher than the cabin of an aircraft (about 8%)?

– Yes I think I have already seen booze during the flight to forget! What advice would you give to really someone who would travel to a country so far away, but is hindered by his fear of flying?

If the fear of flying is moderate, simply prepare its voyage. Airline companies now offer to pick her up when booking (even through a travel agency).

Appropriate ITS flight is a method that works I selected MA up, I know what kind of plane I borrow, I learn about the flight time, the survey of the country. Anyway, I ACTOR my flight . And I talk about my fear of flying as soon as I get on the plane. If you take a company whose staff does not speak French, get help from an English-speaking person and will write to you before the trip, you are anxious. The PNC will help you: the comfort of gestures and touches even recognized and soothing with the language barrier.

I remember a client who told me his fears during a flight to Bangalore. Anguished, she always took a seat near the emergency exits, it was her way of feeling security. We have after meal service, toured the aircraft. She discovered the galleys (kitchens), met the main cabin and head for a long time we have taken the time to play down the flight talking about … everything and especially transient rein. This realized that releasing his thinking this obsessive idea, she had spent most of his flight without fear.She was excited to share her thoughts on traveling for business or for fun apart from the fear she use to have. She do share her view on traveling essentials and tips in this article here- All Travel Tips You Need

If the fear of flying becomes unhealthy, anti-stress courses are organized by company’s Adrienne’s. Sur day, the “phobic” is supported by aircrew and mainly technical: you will make a real simulator session with drivers who will explain how a day avian. This is really useful since

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