The five top richest Net Worth actors of all time

There are actors who had been working so hard that are now in our hearts. These are those actors which sometimes made us cry, laugh and even took us on an emotional ride. Also, there are actors who are earning much more than other. The has all the needed information about them. But for now the list of the top actors who are having a net worth from anyone.

Tom Cruise: Tom Cruise started working as an actor and soon with his movie hits he was climbing the success ladder. Now he is also a Screenwriter, Film Producer, and Television Director. He is having the Net Worth of $450 Million. All the details of Tom Cruise are present in

Mel Gibson: Mel Gibson has made his fame working from a film actor to a director, producer, and screenwriter. His part in the movie “Lethal Weapon” and “Mad Max” series is memorable. He is having server awards under his name. He is having the Net Worth of $425 Million.

Bill Cosby Net Worth: Bill Cosby is a multitalented actor who started his work as a standup comedian. He had been seen in many movies as he played some fun roles which made the audience to laugh hard. The first appearance he got was in 1963 in a show called “The Tonight Show”. He is having the Net Worth of $460 Million.

Jack Nicholson: Jack Joseph Nicholson had been working hard throughout his life. He is one actor that fits on any kind of role. With the power of his acting, he had won 6 Golden Globe Award, Three Academy Awards and few others. He is having a Net worth of $400 Million.

Johnny Depp: John Christoper Depp 2nd has been working with many famous directors and also had given much memorable. He has been on big screen and small screen too and also been a successful screenwriter. All his roles are different from one another and it always looks like he was born to play these roles. He is having a Net worth of $450 Million.

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