Things to do with your old piano

It might have been your dream of owning a piano and so you purchased. But now you are feeling it be a burden and want it out of your house. Well, do not worry. We know your problem and we have solutions for it too. It not uncommon for people to remove their old items. You may have any reason to do so. No matter what your reason is, we are here to help you. There are a lot of options which you can choose. You can either Donate piano nyc or look at the options below.

Sell it

The first option is of selling your piano. You can post advertisements on various online communities including social media. You can get a good price for your branded piano if you complete your proper research work. But it is important to keep your expectations low so that even if you get a lower deal than you expected, you won’t be disappointed. Another reason is that your branded piano might be outdated and so, selling it would be a good option.

Pass it

It might be a dream for a lot of people in your network to own and play a piano. You could offer them your piano. You could also talk to your friends and colleagues who have children who are interested in taking piano lessons. Your piano could be of great use to them. You might find it quite surprising when a lot of your friends turn up for it.

Donate piano nyc,Donate it

If your piano is in good condition, then you can consider it donating it. There are a lot of schools and community centers who perform musical performances. You could donate them your piano by asking the local organization through email or call if they need it. You can donate them in a charity or for some local businesses. Generally, there are a few guidelines for donations, so make sure that you know them well. Some organizations issue charitable income tax receipts as well. Afterall, donating your piano to someone needy will put a smile on their face which will make you a lot happier.

Removal Companies

If you are not aware of any organizations where you could donate your piano, you can contact any removal company. These company will move your piano the next day and will try their full effort to donate it through their connections.


We have provided you the options and now it is your turn to choose the best one for yourself.

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