Three apps that offer free Wi-Fi calling with great sound clarity

Do you wish to use your Wi-Fi network or unlimited data plan allowance to make phone calls? There are several free voice callings apps available in the market including Skype. But, unfortunately, some countries have blocked certain calling features of Skype. Here are three apps that allow Wi-Fi voice calling using Android devices.

GrooVe IP Lite Free Calls

This app seems better than others as it allows you to make calls using either Wi-Fi or your 3G, 4G data network. There are two versions of this app, free and paid. Free version only works with Wi-Fi, while paid version also works with high-speed data networks. However, it comes with price tag of around $4.99.

User just needs to sign in using his / her Google account to use this app.  If you opt for paid version, make sure that you are making calls using Wi-Fi while in the hotspot to reduce spending your data plan’s allowance.

Phone for Google voice and Gtalk

This app is available for Android users. It is ad-supported, and user needs to login using his Google account details after installing the app.  You can use your Google voice number and connect your device to Wi-Fi for making calls. This app does not support calling using 3G or 4G connection, so there won’t be any need to change much of setting while using the app for making calls.Three apps that offer free Wi-Fi calling with great sound clarity

The app syncs contacts from your phone, so, there is no need to remember or to note down numbers.

Talkatone World

After installing the app in your Android device, sign in using you Google account. Then, if you wish to make calls using Wi-Fi only, just visit the settings section and click on check-box that says Wi-Fi only. If you do not wish to look at advertisements, you can opt for upgrade to remove those ads. Talkatone to Talkatone calling and messaging system also works fine.

Upgrading is necessary if you wish to call using 3G or 4G data network. But call quality remains excellent in data as well as Wi-Fi mode.

Install Wi-Fi boosters to improve coverage

Frustrated due to black spots in your home or office Wi-Fi network? There is no need to worry, all that you need to do is install Wi-Fi booster to improve the reach of your existing Wi-Fi network.  To choose the best Wifi Boosters UK, refer to device reviews and buy the one that is compatible with your broadband network.

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