Top 3 Objective in Playing GTA Online

It’s absolutely no wonder how much you’ve obsessed over GTA and you’re not only playing it for fun but because it can actually allow you to earn money too.

Basically, there are a lot of online real-life scenario games that can be found on the internet— GTA or Grand Theft Auto online is one of those. Basically, you go around the game find cars to steal, go for rounds for some work and tasks, or you can find your enemies and kill them.

GTA started as an offline version with a single player where you’re free to roam wherever you want. The later online version though can allow you to play with a massive multiplayer option with over 29 people at a given time. This is then where specific missions and activities are instanced.

However, GTA is not just all about finding a nice car to steal with or making sure you are on top rank criminal record.  It is more than that, today this blog post will let you understand the 3 major objectives when playing GTA.

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1 Steal a Nice Car 

Are you kidding? If you’re not after for some good looking car to drive then you’re definitely not enjoying this game. Some players, though, tend to enjoy the game when they picked a steal on the coolest car on the game. It feels kind of real too!

Upon your arrival in Los Santos, the very first thing you need to do is to not steal any car that you see. Look around for one that you really like. Basically, the first car that you steal will be the car you have to use until you can buy a new one. Unlike in the single player game, it won’t be easy to find premium cars so easily, so look for something decent to use with.

When you finally earn cash, then you can take a car you want to keep to the Los Santos Customs shop. After that, it is not just enough to buy a new car, but it is also ideal for you to register it to you so when it got lost or stolen you can easily track it down and go “missing”. You can get insurance for it too!

If you think that’s just your run for your GTA 5 download kostenslos? Then here’s more!

2 Get a Gun 

Of course, you have to secure yourself at all times. There will be a lot of players inside the game and they all will be either your ally or an enemy. Not only that, the online version of your GTA 5 download kostenlos is a wretch hive of scums and villains, it is not just secure to be driving around unarmed.

3 Afford a Garage 

For your last objective, you need to make sure that you earn your way to buying a garage. This garage will serve as a hideout for all your cars, stolen or bought. It is home safe for your cars to keep them away from other players that might steal it. Or if it is stolen, it can also hide it from the police or authorities.

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