Truth Behind the Mileage of Honda Scooters – Activa 3G, Activa 125, and Activa-I

The Honda Activa is rightly regarded as among the best scooter in the current two-wheeler automatic scooter range. High Quality product, good engine performance, best-in class mileage and more, the Activa is on the top in the Indian market currently. So what is it that Honda Activa doing differently from its competitors? Currently, Honda has 3 different variants of the Activa two-wheelers in the market. These are Honda Activa I, Honda Activa 3g and Honda Activa 125. Each different variant provides some unique features to the commuter segment. However, one thing that they all are top at is the mileage they offer.

The whole game of buying a two-wheeler depends upon the mileage each scooter offers. It is the distance that your scooter can travel per liter of fuel in the tank. Honda makes good use of its Honda Eco Technology (HET) to improve the performance and mileage of its Activa range of scooters which has helped to make the scooter stand out among the competitors selling scooters with similar to Honda Activa price.

Honda Activa 3G

The Honda Activa 3g is equipped with a 109cc engine which is able to provide a mileage of 61kmpl under laboratory conditions. This average, however, comes down to between 45-50kmpl approx. on the crowded city roads in the country. The mileage also depends upon the roughness with which the Activa is driven and the speed at which it is ridden. The engine consumes more fuel while travelling at higher speeds which bring the overall mileage down. Also, the Honda Eco Technology (HET) in the Activa scooter series helps massively to improve the mileage of the Honda Activa 3G.

Honda Activa 125

The all-new Honda Activa 125 is powered by a more powerful 125cc engine which can provide you with 55kmpl of mileage under the tried and tested laboratory conditions. As with the case with the Activa 3g, this mileage is reduced due to a number of factors such as traffic on roads, the roughness with which you use the scooter and the overall speed at which your ride the scooter. The average mileage for the Activa 125 comes down to 50kmpl on highways while it further reduces to 42-45kmpl on city roads. The usage of HET has reduced the overall kerb weight of the scooter by almost 8% which has also led to the increase in the fuel efficiency.

Honda Activa I

Among all the variants of the Honda Activa, the Activa I is able to deliver the best mileage of them all at 66kmpl under test conditions. Even on the crowded Indian roads, the Activa I is able to provide your scooter with an average mileage of 55kmpl with 60kmpl mileage on the highways. The Honda Activa price of this scooter is around Rs. 49,000 approx. which is the least among the three models. This has helped in the increasing sales of the scooter and making it a hit among the people. The Activa I also makes good use of the Honda Eco Technology to improve the mileage of the scooter.

The Last Words

The Honda Activa scooter series is the top-most selling scooter range in the country. It is mainly because the Honda Activa price is very competitive to the other gearless scooters in the market with a large number of additional features provided by the scooter. The Honda Activa 125 provides the least mileage of the three but is the best in terms of performance whereas the Activa I compromises on the power delivered by the engine but provides you with the best mileage return among the three scooters.


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