Various Tactics and Stratagems of a Good Business

A proper plan for business is not only about developing a good basis for the operation and structure of a new firm, or even building a concrete foundation for it to be successful. It is also an instrument to use when making projects and presentations to investors and financial institutions. It is considered to be a vital tool in acquiring capital investment for your business. This is a critical factor in helping you to understand the startup of your business. If you have no idea or experience about how to write a proper business strategy, then you may want to get all of the help and assistance that you can. While thousands of new ideas and products are daily patented, only a few make them past the initial planning stage. Even fewer get enough funding to help them make it past growth and development and on to marketing and sales.

As the titleholder of Pybrum and Company, Steve Pybrum is a business advisor and provides valuable business services. He argues that a successful business enterprise, is best built on a solid business plan, one that is able to allure and retain investors.


A business plan, as defined by the Small Business Administration, has the following features:

  • Summary of Executive- It can be best described as a summary of the nature of the company, its business atmosphere, and other factors. A detailed executive summary tells about the market position of the company and its owners’ goals and aims for the business, and should always highlight the strengths of the company.
  • Description of the Company. A company’s detailed description informs the individual about one’s business line, the market it intends to serve and its industry differentiators.
  • Analysis of the Market- This will help clients or investors figure out the actual position of the company as a market analysis looks into the present state of the business environment.
  • Structure of the Management- Buyers and investors would like to know how decisions are taken within a company so that they will recover their investments faster.
  • Service or Product Line- A service line will list not just services or products, but also what the investor will get out of them. Including a cycle of product development in the business plan will also convince clients to buy in.
  • Sales and Marketing Plan- Product development is just the partial side of business, promotions and marketing make the other half. A good business strategy includes sales plans, company marketing and promotions.
  • Request for Funding- For companies that do not have enough capital to start production and carry out business plans, request for funding. A funding request comprises of a company’s present financial status, plus projected requirements for the next six years, a breakdown of the planned expenditures and plans for exit.
  • Appendix- Although optional, an appendix can include several documents such as lease agreements, employee and owner resumes and operating permits.

Thus it is much easier to focus on your methods of profitability and financial needs and operating your business when you have a business coach like Steve Pybrum who cares about you and your enactment.

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