Whatsapp Plus Can Be Installed Easily For Android Users

With the latest trends of technology which is changing every day we are inventing new apps and gadgets. WhatsApp Plus is the latest addition of this in technological era. WhatsApp Plus is basically a third party app that’s why for security and privacy reason it was banned by WhatsApp. But the new version of WhatsApp Plus is now available for free download for all Android users. WhatsAppPlus has become one of the best and most used unofficial modes for communicating, allowing users to customize many aspects of the popular instant messaging service with features. That’s why whatsapp plus android has fast become one of the most popular alternatives to the original WhatsApp instant messaging service. With its exciting features and regular upgrade, WhatsApp Plus is considered the best instant messaging service for Android users. With a long list of competitors, WhatsApp plus has been recommended and installed by over a million followers on various different platform such as iOS, Android and Windows.


Whatsapp Plus Offers More Exciting Features

WhatsApp plus provides its users some add on features related to the background and exciting theme. WhatsApp plus has everything that the official WhatsApp lacked and if someone is bored with the monotonous features of WhatsApp then he can surely switchover to the new WhatsApp plus. Though WhatsApp plus is not available in play store but it can be installed to all android devices by downloading apk file from different website. However, unlike the automated Play Store downloads, updates and installations, downloading and installing this WhatsApp Plus will require some physical effort. There are plenty of sites where one can get this app from and need to visit those sites mobile browser and download this app easily. Before one installs the app, one must tweak security/apps settings such that the phone allows installations from unknown sources.

Another thing one must also do is to create a backup of his chats and uninstall the current WhatsApp. When these are done, then one is good to go with installation of WhatsApp Plus for android. The installation will take a few seconds and when asked for a phone number, enter the registered number. This will give the person to go back to the previous conversations that he had done on the official platform and then he should first accept to restore chat history after installation of WhatsApp Plus is done. But WhatsApp PLUS may cause problems with custom ROMs, and is thus advisable not to have any installed on any devices.

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