Your AirConditioner will turn itself off: All through Smart Home Automation

Home automation systems are one of the most widely talked about product these days. These systems – used as either standalone devices or in a combination of all your home appliances – massively help to take your house to the next level. You can easily automate and control all your home appliances with the help of your smartphone or tablets through mobile application or wireless communication.

Features of Home Automation System

Home Automation systems come with a plethora of unique features and functionalities to make your life easier and comfortable. These features usually depend upon the size and make of the systems also but mostly all automation systems have a similar set of features which are:

Safety and Security

The biggest advantage of using Home Automation India is the all-around security of your house. The presence of sensors and security cameras help to detect any break-in or intrusion to your house. The sensors also help to protect against accidental fires or gas leakage whereas you can control entry of people in your house through automated doors.


Comfort and Convenience

You can easily control all the compatible automated devices through the smartphone from anywhere you are. Now you can control the lighting of your house, security camera feed, temperature of the house through an application on your smartphone. No need of getting up from your sofa to do these things now.

Energy Conservation

Gone are the days when you had to worry a lot if your children have left extra lights or even the air conditioner on when not in use. You can now easily control these devices from your smartphone. You can keep an eye on all appliances in the house and keep them off whenever not in use even from your workplace.

On the very basic level, installing a home automation system saves you a lot on your utility bills. You can easily switch off those extra appliances such as lights, geyser, air conditioners when not in use to conserve energy.

Let’s take a look now how home automation system allows you to do so with the case of your air conditioners.

The Air Conditioner are probably the biggest consumer of energy of all the appliances available. So a probable cut down on the time when Air Conditioner is switched on without any purpose can boost to reduce your bills. Here is how you can do so.

Easily controllable through Mobile Application

The easiest way to control your automated Air Conditioner is through the automation system mobile application. You can easily keep an eye out on the AC if it is working or not throughout the day through the mobile app. You can then easily then switch it off if it is being switched on unnecessarily. Now you don’t have to worry a lot about to run back home to switch your AC off which you or your family members might have accidently left switched on.

Preset AC Time Slots

With a smart use of automation systems, you can easily preset the time slot in which you would want your Air Conditioner to work. You can select and set the time according to your needs and the control system will automatically switch on and off the AC at your desired settings. These preset time slots are useful as the AC will only be in use during these hours and can help you to reduce energy bills as you won’t have to worry about switching off your AC.

A “Coming Home” Setting

You can easily create a setting in your home automation system which will switch on the AC during the time you are on your travel from the workplace back to your home. This is helpful to create the perfect temperature environment inside your house for a more comfortable feel as soon as you return home. You can also create a setting where as soon as switch off your car’s ignition after returning home, the lights and the AC will automatically turn themselves on.

Final Say

Now, with the smart usage of automation systems, you won’t have to worry a lot about if your AC is switched on or off throughout the day. You can easily switch off the AC from wherever you are through the automation app installed on your smartphone.

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