About the time clock wizard for business

The time clock wizard is freemium software that includes the mobile application that generally allows the unlimited employees and users to work in the particular schedule whereas the alternative services such as the merchant accounts, web design and other kinds of business model. The time clock wizard also provides the additional payroll utility as a component of this basic application that allows for the overtime, reporting and payroll generation. The following are some of the features of the time clock wizard application tool. They are.

time clock wizard

  • Presence and time tracking
  • Photo capture
  • Reimbursements
  • GPS tracking through mobile application
  • Task and schedule management
  • Reporting and payroll management
  • Receive text or email alert for unscheduled time in or out

Time clock wizard is wonderful tracking software that is recognized for its awesome employee time tracking app that helps you in managing your work schedule so that you can avoid the risks and work towards success. This clock wizard mobile application is found to be the best one comparing to other time management software application tool available in the market. With the help of this time management software the business owners can run their business in an effective way, where it will also help you to reach more heights in your business. The small business owners can be more benefitted by using this time clock wizard, where this application reduces their risk and helps them focus on the business development and saves your time and energy.

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