Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia-To Meet Daily Expense

The scheme Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia is been introduced for the benefit of the citizens in Malaysia. This is the most important scheme that runs the most of the family in Malaysia; this scheme tends the people of Malaysia to meet their daily expenses in a way to live their life. The success of this scheme is only due to the proper management of the government and with the coordination of the people of Malaysia. Therefore they are many Malaysian citizens whom are benefited out of this scheme. They are also some rules and regulations followed for the selecting the candidates for BR1M. The government follows one of the major rule under this scheme is that the candidate of BR1M must be a person from lower income. He or she should struggle to face their daily expense. Therefore is the first and foremost rule that is been followed by the Government of Malaysia for BR1M.

Eligibility For Br1m Scheme

The eligibility for this scheme can be either find neither by the person either on internet nor by direct visit to board of BR1M. For permohonan br1m 2016, the candidates must need to satisfy the following conditions.


  • For single father or mother whom are with dependents.
  • For the person who is divorce or single mother or even for bachelors.
  • Children living with their parents, whom are married are also eligible for this scheme
  • This scheme is also applicable for the senior citizens.

This is major source that supports the people of Malaysia to face their daily expense. Most of the people have different kind of opinion on this scheme. They make wrong opinion as this scheme is introduced in providing regular income to the citizens of Malaysia. But this is entirely different, as this scheme concentrates on meeting expense and from providing regular income. This is the main and important concept that lies on the scheme Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia. Therefore they are some of the rules and procedure that is been followed under the selection of candidates for this scheme, it also important for the citizens of Malaysia to satisfy those conditions.


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