Bihar- Engineering and MBA Colleges

There are some government as well as private colleges in Bihar for engineering. When we talk about the past of this state, it was simply glorious. Now presently with its educational facilities and highly efficient faculty, it is trying to produce the best engineers for our nation. Some of the best engineering colleges in Bihar are as follows:-

  • IIT(Indian Institute of Technology),Patna

This institute is recently evolved in our nation. This is a government institute which works according to the guidelines listed by IIT Guwahati. There are a lot of programs which are organized by this institute for the students of different streams. This is a very strict college and demands discipline in all aspects.

  • National Institute of Technology(NIT),Patna

This is one of the best engineering colleges in Bihar. This institute is basically located in Patna. The main aim of this institution is to provide best education to the students in the field of engineering. There are a number of courses which it offers to the capable aspirants. Apart from these, there are many other departments which deal in mathematics and other science subjects as well. One would be highly impressed after visiting this college as the faculty is highly skilled and the infrastructure is really very good.


  • Muzzafarpur Institute of Technology,(MIT)

This institute is also known as MIT and is situated in Bihar. It offers a lot of programs dealing in graduate and post graduate courses. One can go for civil engineering or mechanical. It totally depends upon the person as this institute facilitates both of them. The infrastructure is really adorable and the staff members are skilled in all aspects.

  • Maulana Azad College of Engineering and Technology (MACET), Patna

This is an institute of Magadh university and is situated in Patna. It offers some great undergraduate courses in engineering. One can choose anything as per to their wish and will.

Just like engineering, even MBA is gaining a lot of popularity these days. There are some best MBA colleges in Bihar which offer very high quality of education of its students. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Indian Institute Of Business Management

This institute is also known as IIBM and is situated in Patna. It deals in the business management. This great institution was started in the year 1979. It has been 37 years, since then this institution is working hard to produce the MBA’s for our country. The students which have successfully been graduated from here are more than 20,000 and still counting. It is very famous for its educational faculty and methods of training.

  • Lalit Narayan Mishra Institute

All across the eastern India, this institute is the best for MBA. It was established in the year 1973 and is still going strong in all aspects. With the passage if time, it has grown a lot in its educational courses. There are a lot of departments in which it deals.

  • Anuragh Narayan College

This college is in Patna which is the capital of Bihar. It is in existence since 1956. It is very famous because of its educational facilities. Slowly and gradually with the passage of time, this college has gown a lot and its growth is literally remarkable.

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