Considerations to Keep in Mind Before Applying for a Loan

Seeking loan is a common thing. Everyone opt for loan when it comes to big investments. However, getting a loan approval is not a matter of small thing. The application goes through a lot of analysis. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your application remains without error. To ensure this you need the help of an investment planner. Before, you talk to the planner, you need to consider a few facts.

Dan Leimel Jr. is the CEO of Pelorus Equity Group, they have been providing money loan to different people in their moments of need. They know the reasons why loan application gets rejected. There are several facts which might act against your application and get it rejected. They can help you prepare a perfect loan application.

Hiding financial condition to get the loan is common. However, this is a mistake which breeds a lot of trouble later in the future. Application especially mortgage application get rejected most of the times because of concealed bills and earning statement. The lenders make it a point to analyze the credit history of the borrower properly. If they find anything unusual about the application and the income statement of the borrower they decline the loan application. The income statement and credit history needs to be clean if you are opting for loan. Dan makes it a point to focus on honesty when it comes to loan application.


It is important that you talk about your expenses honestly. It is another important tip which Dan gives everyone seeking loan for some reason. Sometimes people forget to mention some quick expenditures or emergency credit card. This might seem like small trivial thing, but when it comes to loan application these small things can create big problems. The application can get rejected. The matter might get out of hand and you may not get the loan. For this reason talk to someone from the institute you are seeking loan from.

Talk about your employment problems. If you have problem with your employers or if you are about to change your job, you should opt for the loan later on. Dan Leimel Jr. advises that it is better to apply later when you are stable in your income. If you get the loan and then lose your job, the situation will be difficult to handle. Lenders want to deal with people with stable income. If you have a job for last one year or more you have more chance of getting a loan approval.

Dan tries to tell everyone that paperwork when it comes to loan application is an important part. This might seem like an added task which is insignificant. However, it is not. Paperwork is the most important part of loan application. You need to have the right paperwork. Dan urges loan seekers to attach a mortgage broker. This is the best way to ensure that the paperwork is right.

Lastly, as the CEO of a money loan equity group he says that everyone needs to be aware of the limit. There is no point in going after large amount.

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