Do you buy windows? See what to run

Buying windows should not be a problem. In every project of a new house, the dimensions and type of glazing planned by the architect are entered. However, these are only approximate information. To choose the most convenient way of opening and additional equipment, it is worth using the support of an experienced seller.


It is worth starting by visiting a few woodwork sales points. Viewing the exhibition, where the various window models are presented, with various opening methods and made of various materials, will allow you to orientate yourself in the offer of producers. In the case of typical vertical windows, the case is quite simple. A more detailed analysis will require large terrace glazing, which is proposed in several opening systems – typical tilt-and-turn, tilt-and-slide, and lift-sliding systems. During such a visit, you should ask for a demonstration of the way different fittings work and solutions that will facilitate the comfortable use of windows. It is worth immediately thinking about buying also window sills and sunblind’s. Most sales points at window replacement west palm beach provide a comprehensive service, including the assembly of all these elements


Wooden. They are usually made of solid pine, spruce, larch, oak, meranti or mahogany. The frames are finished with water-borne paints or varnishes, which are either opaque or transparent coatings (wood grains can be seen through them). Windows of unusual shape, eg arched, are more often produced from this raw material.

It is worth remembering that such products every few years require regrinding and re-painting, but in the case of minor damage and scratches of the frame – they can be repaired. In houses built-in wooden technology, such windows are an obvious choice. They can be finished with a transparent coating or painted in any color – from a distance, you cannot see that they are made of wood. Wooden models are, unfortunately, a lot more expensive than plastic ones

window replacement west palm beachPlastic (PVC).

Many producers weld plastic windows from ready-made profiles, complementing them with fittings and shaft sets. The profiles are reinforced with steel or aluminum profiles, which improve their strength and stiffness, but they deteriorate thermal insulation (that is why some manufacturers replace them with composite spacers – you should ask the seller). PVC profiles are the cheapest, are not suitable for very large glazing, but will work well in rooms with high humidity – in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries. They do not require maintenance, but when they are scratched, they cannot be repaired. The cheapest ones are white profiles, there are also popular versions imitating at least several types of wood and colored ones (eg very fashionable graphite).

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