Download Whatsapp Plus and Enjoy Its Stunning Features

Whatsapp plus has now become the most used unofficial version of whatsapp, enabling users to personalize many features of the famous instant messaging service with interesting features that the original developer does not add by default. Though whatsapp is considered as the best messaging application, it does come with some disadvantages. Few users want to change to updated version of messaging applications. By that way, the new messaging application whatsapp plus becomes popular. It is called as whatsapp plus and this is the modified version of the original whatsapp. This version is known to have several benefits over the original whatsapp version.

Why download whatsapp plus?

It is recommended for all the users to make use of whatsapp plus rather than the original version of the application. The major reason is that the new version offers users with incredible features than that of the normal one. The other reason is that the new version is completely free of charge and when you use the original version of whatsapp you have to pay a yearly charge of $0.99. Considering whatsapp plus download will allow you to customize the application excellently. You can able to adjust sizes, colors and can make several visual changes. You can also able to improve the image quality that you share. It will become easy to share music in just a single click. There is also a new option available in the main menu that can be used to hide connection status and also to hide blue right and second right. You can also able to enjoy the ability of seeing videos and photos without downloading.


Download instruction

You cannot make whatsapp plus download from the usual google play store as it is an unofficial application. To download it on your android device, you must download .APK file first and then copy it in your device manually. Once .APK file is transferred to your APK device, you have to start downloading it on your android device. You should have an application like file manager to search the .APK file in your device and to open it. Once you open the .APK file, the process of installation will start automatically. It will just take around thirty to forty seconds to install whatsapp plus on the android device. For installing it to your iPhone, you should perform jailbreaking of your device. After the device is jailbroken, it is to download it to cydia.

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