Fishing Finds Its Own Position in the Books of Medical Sciences in 21st Century

Fishing is the most widely accessible of all the outdoor sports that exist. Irrespective of age, fitness level and even the income level, anyone and everyone can easily participate in it, and enjoy the thrill of hunting fishes which once our ancestors did for survival. Rather the very act of hunting animals and fishes is within the human instincts, which have evolved as a favorite sport across the globe. The most significant development that the sport has found is breaking the niche borders of typically masculine forte, and welcoming the women at large. Studies have shown that of all the total number of fishers that exist, almost one third of the population is women and this is where the sport has actually turned out to be the winner. Even there’s a growing age and ethnic diversity within the sport that has been recognized much earlier.

Youngsters like Anouk Govil and many more who haven’t yet crossed the boundaries of high schools and colleges, have quite surprisingly taken interest in the sports and finding full enthusiasm to indulge into it regularly. Not only that, there are certain health benefits achieved by those who take active participation in the sports. While the very act of fishing might not help in keeping the heart younger, some of the exercises like paddling, hiking and biking which is required to reach to your favorite fishing hole, have proved to be a strict cardiovascular regime.


To much surprise, fly fishing, a particular type of fishing incorporating the artificial flies and a weighted line, has proved to be an effective exercise for the women who have breast cancer. Studies from some of the reputed cancer rehabilitation centers have shown how this process of fly fishing plays the role of therapy and supports the patients with a steady fitness exercise. Even those who have gone under surgery or any kind of radiation program need to practice soft tissue stretching exercises to avoid any kind of paralytic factor encroaching them. And fly fishing is one of those methods which have proved to be highly effective in these grounds as well.

As far as the psychological grounds are concerned, many fishermen and women like Anouk Govil have accepted the fact that gentle lapping of the waves at the feet, and a tug on the fishing line is sufficient enough to push any stress from the mind. Just doing it relieves the pressure, and creates an awful sense of excitement. A general study carried out among those who take active participation in fishing has shown, that of all 38 percent of the population prefers to go for fishing to find some relief from the day to day stress that they face.

In fact, several institutes have proved how a day of casting with complete focus on that particular activity can be a fast track to reduce the stress. The patients suffering from post traumatic stress disorder have been highly beneficial with the perfect combination mental relaxation and an easy form of exercise included in fishing.

Fishing is not just sports, it’s rather a drug- a drug that is a cure to thousands of diseases mankind goes through every passing day.

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