How are dedicated servers better than shared and other servers?

Even someone with non-IT background can understand the benefits offered by dedicated servers.  Let’s take a look at some simple and easily understandable points that can help you to differentiate between dedicated servers and other options.

Upgrading is simple

It is oblivious that your business will grow with time, and so will the number of your website’s visitors.  Companies that rent or sell dedicated hosting server allow you to increase server’s processing speed, increase its RAM, and add bandwidth according to your requirement. So, if you feel that your website or game’s popularity is increasing, you can adjust your server as well.

Unique IP address

Another important technical aspect is the IP address.  If you opt for shared hosting plan, the service provider would assign one common IP address that is assigned to websites being hosted on same shared server. On the other hand, if you opt for managed hosting service, you will get your own unique IP address for your website.


Multiple options to improve server’s performance

You can also opt for two different hard drives on your server for additional security. Hard drives can be arranged as Raid 1 or Raid 2.

Raid 1 technique involves primary hard drive and its copy.  Using two hard drives improves the overall storage performance of your server.

If you are planning to use dedicated hosting server to store important, highly sensitive data related to customers, you should definitely opt for Raid1. But if you are not looking for additional back-up, you can opt for Raid 2 technique. In this arrangement, the first hard drive works as primary, and the second drive is used only once the first drive is full.  These two arrangements take dedicated servers one step ahead of other options as far as data security is concerned.

Some dedicated hosting companies also offers FTP backup

These days, some dedicated hosting server service providers also offer secure FTP server based backup for your important data.

Choosing the best option would ensure that your applications, games and websites will always keep on functioning smoothly. Even a low cost dedicated hosting server can offer security, space, and bandwidth that is good enough to run games, and websites.

It is important to consider the security features, space, bandwidth, pricing, and your company IT team’s requirements before choosing your dedicated server. You might end-up renting or purchasing wrong service due to lack of co-ordination.

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