How to Buy the Bitcoin Cash?

Despite the current declines, crypto continues to be the hot topic in finance community. BTC reached the historic levels over past some years but gave up more than 60% of the BTC price in last ten months. BTC can be a hottest digital coin; however, it is far from an only one. Actually, it is not even an only one carrying name Bitcoin.

What’s Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash share the name and are priced a bit differently and function on the different computer systems. The Bitcoin functions on blockchain network, the decentralized cryptographic ledger. The blockchain got invented for an only purpose of recording & marking BTC transactions so they would be available to public & unalterable by the hackers and other cyber scammers. Every block has the timestamp & transaction data, and added to the previous blocks for forming the chain of information. As data is accessible to each member of network, and cheating is prevented & individual BTC’s can be spent once.

Bitcoin Cash tokens are acquired in three ways:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange – Most of the exchanges can allow you trade BTC for the Bitcoin Cash. You may find the peer-to-peer platforms to exchange various cryptocurrencies.

  • Mining: Suppose you have necessary knowledge & computer power, you may mine BTC Cash yourself like Bitcoin.
  • Fiat exchange – One can buy Bitcoin Cash from digital exchanges with the fiat money, like British pounds, dollars, and Euros.

Note if you held BTC through 2017 hard fork, the tokens are used as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Suppose you earlier opened the account on cryptocurrency exchange, and check you do not already have BTC Cash before you try to buy.

Where to buy BTC Cash?

For buying BTC Cash, you will need to open the account with digital currency exchange. The digital currency exchanges companies made to facilitate trading of the different coins.

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