How to know if it is worth buying used cars?

Before closing the agreement of a used car, it is important to check its past. It is worthwhile to hire a mechanical inspection service and check the history of the car. These services, of course have a cost, which can go between 150 and 200 euros, but nevertheless they allow to buy used cars with absolute tranquility.


In general, the lower the mileage, the better the state of the car. The average of 15,000 kilometers traveled per year is a good parameter accepted by the market. But there is no limit on the year of manufacture or maximum mileage for the purchase to be secure. The important thing is to obtain a model that has been widely sold all over the world, with a reliable historical brand, with durable components and pieces that are easy to find in Spain.

To check the state of conservation of the vehicle, we must have the technical concept of a trusted mechanic, who must do a thorough check. We cannot be seduced by the appearance of the car. Imported cars of very old age, for example, are not a very good idea. Insurance tends to be very expensive and gasoline consumption can be high.

These, by the way, are important elements to consider when buying used cars. Normally, the vehicle’s factory warranty lasts for three years. This is also an element to evaluate when choosing the car. If we know that the car has been under the protective wing of the manufacturer, during its first three years of life, we must assume that it is in excellent condition.

Financial advantage:

Another advantage of buying used cars, up to three years, is that the financing interest rates may be lower than those offered for new cars.

Choosing the right car selling company:

The best option of course is to buy used cars from the Mercedes Benz brand. Because they have undergone a maintenance and certification process that allows them to offer used cars in the same mechanical conditions as new cars, with warranty and support over time. If you want to know them, just contact with us for used cars in san diego. Because we provide best used cars with quality service and better customer care.

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