How to Save Your Money with the Best Health Insurance?

Nearly everyone has health insurance cover these days. With the increase in exposure to diseases and illnesses, it is not possible for you to spend a fortune on medical expenses every time an unforeseen hospitalization occurs. In times like these, having an insurance policy eliminates the financial burden and eases your stress.

But just any health insurance policy won’t give you the best value for your money. To secure your health cost-effectively, you need the best health insurance policy available in the market. However, finding the right one can be quite a daunting task, especially if you are not aware of the kinds of insurance policies available today. So, read on to find out how you can be both happy and smart when it comes to health insurance policies!

Are You Happy with Your Health Insurance Plan?

Is your health insurance policy giving you the value you deserve? You must remember never to settle for a policy that you are not happy with. But what do you require to be happy with your policy? There are some points to remember when thinking about what your policy is offering you and whether it really is as worthy as you think it is.

Cheap Is Not Always the Best

You may be under the impression that just because your policy has a lower premium, it is a good policy. But that is far from true. You also need to check if your policy is providing you with the value equal to or more than what you paid for it. If you are paying a small yearly premium for your policy, chances are that your sum insured is minimal and all major illnesses are not covered. For example, there could be sub-limits on room rents, doctors’ fees, and other expenses or there could be a high co-payment percentage that increases your liability.

Network Hospitals

The larger the network hospitals of an insurance company, the more options you have to make a cashless claim. The benefit of the cashless facility is that you don’t need to make any payment at the time of discharge, except minor co-payment, as the insurance company will directly take care of the bill. So, find out if your insurance policy is giving you access to a good number of private hospitals to avoid shelling out money before you get to claim reimbursement.

Keep Adding On

Most health insurance policies cover a wide range of diseases. However, if your policy gives you the option of add-on riders, then you can broaden the scope of your coverage. Some examples of add-ons are critical illness riders, personal accident cover, disability rider, etc. To be happy with your current insurance plan, you need to have the flexibility to make it better. So, choose the policy that gives you this option!

The Coverage Factor

When you read your policy documents or features, you will notice that there is a list of illnesses and diseases for which the insurance company is providing you with financial assistance. These are the inclusions of the policy. Similarly, every policy also contains exclusions which are the illnesses that are not covered by the policy. So, the longer the inclusions are and the shorter the exclusions are, the better your policy will be. Another aspect of coverage is the sum insured. It will not matter if your policy covers critical illnesses but doesn’t provide you with the sum insured required for the treatment and other procedures.

Most Purchased Health Insurance Plans

There are multiple insurance companies in India that offer health insurance policies of various types, tenures, and features. Here is a list of the most purchased health insurance plans over the last year:

Apollo Munich Easy Health

Among the other Apollo insurance policies, the Easy Health policy is most famous as it comes with excellent features. Some of these are the 60 days pre-hospitalization and the domiciliary treatment coverage. While the former lets you claim all the tests conducted from two months prior to hospitalization, the latter gives you the option of getting treated within the comfort of your own home.

Religare Health

The best feature of the Religare Care health insurance plan is that there is no upper age limit for buying this policy. This means that no matter how old you are, Religare Care will cover your medical expenses for you.

Max Bupa Health Companion

With advantages like no cap on room rent, coverage for day-care treatment, and a ‘refill’ option on the sum insured, there is no surprise that this insurance plan has become one of the most popular options today.

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme

The Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme policy is very flexible as it allows you to take an individual or family coverage while providing you with a variety of sum insured options. Besides this, it covers critical procedures like organ transplantation and also provides limited finance for certain Ayurvedic treatments.

Star Family Health Optima

Exclusively for family floaters, this insurance policy has a lot of additional coverage facilities like day-care coverage, new-born baby expenses coverage, and ambulance charge coverage. Besides these, it is a comprehensive policy that comes with additional riders and sum insured top-ups at no extra charge.

The Final Choice

Ultimately, when you choose to buy an insurance policy, evaluate the happiness and peace that it gives you. If you have difficulty in fully understanding the advantages and features of every single policy, you can always get on to, an online insurance aggregator that is the easiest path to insuring your health. Get the best health insurance policy today!

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