Reasons Why Cloud400™ Is Much Preferred For IMB Hosting

IBM i (iSeries/AS400) users still continue to wonder just how Cloud400 is the most preferred choice for cloud hosting. If you want to learn more about this option, then you have come to the right place. Let us go ahead and learn what Cloud400™ is all about and what are the benefits that you can get from this hosting solution.

All You Need To Know About Cloud400™


We all know that the IBM i is an operating system. It runs on IBM Power and the iSeries and AS400 are its former servers.  Cloud400™, on the other hand, is a hosting service business application software for the IBM i series. This option is better than an on-premise service. Other than the fact that this is more cost-effective, this process is easy and fast.

Cloud400™  – How Does It Work?


Choosing Cloud400™ for AS400 hosting involves only simple steps. Remember that this option is only available for IBM i / AS400 / iSeries / System i users. Follow the steps below with Source Data Products for a successful cloud hosting:

  1. Your Options

Talk with Source Data Products about your options. This is where you explain a little bit of information about your business, your goals, as well as your operations. You will also tell them your current iSeries/AS400 server, the business software that you use, and also your user support, network infrastructure, together with your support costs and needs. You will be given an expert IT advice regarding your options and the budget that you need to prepare for the technology change. 

  1. Assessment 

A FREE comprehensive assessment will be done. This would involve a review of your iSeries/AS400 configuration, OS400 version, rack configuration, licensed software, workload, connectivity issues, backup system, recovery strategy, and all the related technology used.

  1. Analysis 

Using the Cloud400™ IBM i/OS400 Fanatics, it will analyze the assessment provided in order to develop a Cloud400™ strategy. Source Data Products will need to review your needs in order to successfully migrate to the V6R1 or maybe the V7R1. The performance remodeling, LPAR strategies, as well as the design will also be reviewed further. 

  1. Performance And Costs 

After the initial assessment, the Cloud400™ strategy, as well as the costs required for the development of your preferred strategy, would be discussed thoroughly.

AS400 hosting

  1. Review And Approval 

At this point, the Source Data Products have already presented the needed Cloud400™ strategy as well as the costs. This is where you will review and approve the details mentioned above.

  1. 60-Day Trial 

Now the process is complete, it is time to put it to test. This is to make sure that the new Cloud400™ is definitely what you need. Don’t worry, this will not take all day to finish. All you need is to hand over a full system save that you can retrieve from your server then this will be installed in your Cloud400™ server. The Cloud400™ virtual server will be set up. This is also where additional individual VPNs will be connected and set up if needed. Provide the static IP address to those who are participating with the testing. You can then test the Cloud400™ for a total of 60 days. 

Cloud400™ Goes Live! 

Once you are satisfied with this new solution, sen another Full System Save and this can be completed over the weekend. The Cloud400™ virtual server will be reloaded with data needed to bring the Cloud400™ online. This is when your users can now direct their Client Access to the new IP address and start production using this new virtual server.

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