Several factors acting to bring down printed t-shirt prices helping online showrooms!

It has been long since print motifs of brands like Philipp Plein have become popular on men’s wear, especially in casuals. In fact the t-shirts and sweat shirts are flooded with different and unique types of motifs. The reason for prints being so popular is many. While some of them are linked to the ease of processing, a few others are connected to the convenience of ideating them and coming up with newer designs. There are several other reasons related to quality as well as economy, and many others.


Newer techniques helping in ease of processing

Printing has seen the sharpest rise in technologies. It was a rather easy technique as compared to weaving, stitching and embroidery to impart aesthetic appeal to a garment. All of these techniques involve a lot of time and effort and hence the cost of manufacturing also goes up. On the other hand, the latest techniques of printing like laser, enamel, flock and pigment printing have made it very convenient to print thousands of fabrics in a few minutes. The digitized machines for printing also help in fast production rates thereby reducing the cost of manufacturing per piece.

Ease of designing new motifs

Earlier on, the designs had to be developed on paper and converted into blocks or screens to print on fabrics. Thus, it was time taking and also many of the motifs were not as sharp as they ought to be. With newer software applications available, the designers can now create new motifs at ease. They just need to open Photoshop or CorelDraw software and ideate a new motif in minutes. If changes or editing are required, that can also be done fast.

Besides these, there are several dedicated software applications that are made specifically to create designs. There are CAD software applications specific to printing that helps develop a motif on a computer, convert it into a screen and fill colour to print on a fabric, all at the click of a mouse. The reduced time to develop designs has brought down the cost of ideation and creation as well, thereby reducing the overall prices of printed garments.

Changing office habits

The office wear habits are also getting changed over the recent times. Now the office goers are being allowed for casual wear in more number of institutions. Besides the educational institutes, many IT and MNCs and even banks are allowing their employees to dress up in casuals. Researches have revealed that casual wears may make the employees feel at home and enhance their efficiency at workplace.

Thus, there is an increased interest among the youth to buy casual wears. Earlier, the budget for clothing was almost equally divided between formals and casuals. Today, the young generation is gunning for more of casual wears, thereby pushing online sale of these fashion products more and more. The cycle has resulted in lowering the price of online t-shirts, sweat shirts, sports jackets and training shorts under brands like Philipp Plein thereby helping clients to avail all the year round discounts of up to 10%, with seasons reaching the picks of beyond 20% as well!

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